British East India Company and the British Rule Quiz


British East India Company and the British Rule Quiz

In March 1784, the Treaty of Mangalore was concluded mainly at the insistence of?

In the early decades of Maratha ruled the most popular unit of land revenue measurement was?

Monopoly of the East India Company to trade with China was abolished by the Charter Act of?

Raj Ballabh, Ghasiti Begam, ShaukatJung were the arch foes of?

The bill to cancel the exemption givento the European community from the jurisdiction of the magistrates and the,- criminal courts established by the East India Company was proposed in?

The Indian ruler who defeated the English in the early,stage Of English rule in India was?

The Pitt's India Act of 1784 sought to?

The system of competitive examination for civil service was accepted in principle in the year?

The treaty of Mangalore was signed between?

What was the main cause of the growth of money-lending class during the British rule?

Which one of the following a abolished the monopoly of tea trade and trade with China by the East India Company?

Which one of the following acts strengthened the unitary character, the government of India by establish a general control over the finances of India by the Governor-General?

Which one of the following districts was not included in the zumindari granted to the East India Company by Mir Qasim?

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