Area and Jurisdiction of Indus Valley Civilization In India Study Materials


Area and Jurisdiction of Indus Valley Civilization In India Study Materials

Area and Jurisdiction of Indus Valley Civilization

The Indus Valley Civilisation was one of the first great civilisations having a writing system, urban centres and a diversified social and economic system. It appeared nearly 2500 BC along the Indus River Valley in Punjab and Sindh. An Indian historian such as D. P. Aggrawal, however, is of the view that the Indus Valley Civilisation dates back to 2300 BC. He declares this on the basis of his calculations using C-14 dating technique. It appears that the civilisation flourished until 1800 BC. Thereafter, each urban phase characterised by systematic town planning, widespread brick work, art of writing, use of bronze tools and red ware pottery painted with black designs gradually disappeared.

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            This was the earliest civilization that flourished in India on the banks of the .River Indus, from its frontiers extending from Manda on the Chenab near Jammu, in the north, to Daimabad on the Godavari in Ahmednagar in the south embracing 200 sites in the Kutch-Saurashtra region of Gujarat. It covered more than 12, 99,600 km2, from the borders of Baluchistan to the deserts of Rajasthan, from the Himalayan foot hills to the southern tip of Gujarat.

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