What do you prefer? WFH or working from office? Apple Employees Threaten to Quit!!

What do you prefer WFH or working from office.pptx
What do you prefer WFH or working from office.pptx

Apple Employees Threaten to Quit: Tim Cook told them to come to Office!! Due to COVID all the schools and colleges are closed and IT companies was shut down. Workers are allowed to work from home. Now the COVID pandemic count was accurately decreasing so all the IT companies asked the employees to come to office as like this the Apple also asked the staff to return office by April 11, 2022 but they refused and leads to quitting their jobs of they called to work in the office.

Many employees threatened the IT companies that if they asked to work in office or return office, they will resign the jobs. All the employees made a habit of working in home (workplace) they are offered and more comfort in that. So, the employees are not able to return to office.

Apple Employees Threaten to Quit Details:

Apple has asked its staff to return to work on April 11, but most employees do not appear to be enthusiastic about moving to a hybrid work environment. According to rumours, several staff have threatened to resign if they are forced to return to the workplace. From April 11, the software giant plans to start hybrid work, requiring two in-office days per week by May 2 and three days per week by May 23.

This issue leads to many job opportunities in future and no one will be working. IT companies are requesting the employees to come back and work in office but they are refusing these issues arising major problems in all companies. This issuemay continue also in future.

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