7th Pay Commission; Great Diwali for Employees| DA Increase by 4% Today!!

7th Pay Commission
7th Pay Commission

Great Diwali for Employees; 7th Pay Commission | DA Increase by 4% Today!! You may recall that the Union Cabinet increased the Dearness Allowance (DA) and Dearness Relief (DR) on March 30 to account for the price increase, benefiting more than 1.16 crore central government employees and retirees. The increases ranged from 3% to 34%.The extra payment will start to be due on January 1, 2022. The rise follows the approved formula, which was developed based on the suggestions made by the 7th Central Pay Commission.

In March, the first dearness allowance rise for the year 2022 was announced. The AICPI value in December 2021 was 125.4. But it dropped to 125.1 in January 2022, a 0.3-point fall.In February 2022, the All-India CPI-IW dropped 0.1 points to 125.0. (One hundred twenty five). In terms of a 1-month percentage change, it fell by 0.08 percent from the previous month, compared to a gain of 0.68 percent between comparable months a year earlier. There was an increase of 1 point for the month of March. The March AICPI index values were 126. Employees of the central government have their Dearness Allowance updated twice a year. While the second is offered from July to December, the first is offered from January to June.

In April 2022, the All-India CPI-IW rose by 1.7 points to 127.7. (one hundred twenty seven point seven). According to data from the Ministry of Labour & Employment, the 1-month percentage change grew by 1.35 percent compared to a 0.42 percent increase between the same months a year before. According to the most recent government reports, the AICPI numbers for May are 129. In the meantime, the June AICP Index gives a strong indication that the DA would be higher. The June AICPI numbers are 129. According to recent media sources, the employees’ Dearness Allowance may increase by 4%. This suggests that the overall DA could be as high as 38%. A rise in DA this month is suggested by the June All-India CPI-IW.

Seventh Pay Commission DA increase most recent update Millions of central government workers who have been waiting for news on a raise in the Dearness Allowance may receive some relief from the centre today (DA). According to media speculations, the major announcement could occur today. Today, September 28, there may be a significant cabinet meeting where the administration may discuss and deliberate the DA hike problem. According to reports, the cabinet meeting may decide on the size of the DA hike before making the major announcement, with a 4 percent increase likely. Follow our site for daily updates regarding this.

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