12 Million Jobs in Engineering, Healthcare & Telecom in the Next 5 Years!! Details Here!!

12 Million Jobs in Engineering, Healthcare & Telecom
12 Million Jobs in Engineering, Healthcare & Telecom

12 Million Jobs in Engineering, Healthcare & Telecom in the Next 5 Years!!According to a TeamLease Services Research, 12 million jobs would be created in the engineering, healthcare, and telecom industries over the next five years. Examine the most in-demand employment roles, skills, and cities.

In the next five years, total employment generated by the three sectors will increase from 4.56 million to 9.03 million.The ‘Professional Staffing: Digital Employment Patterns Report’ examines employment trends in engineering, telecommunications, and healthcare. It goes into specialised occupations, the most in-demand skills, the skill gap and efforts taken by employers to close the gap, and market median compensation for these roles.

Furthermore, the focus on recovery, together with the growth of technology and digitization in these industries, would contribute to an increase in demand for high-skilled and experienced workers. By 2026, the demand for specialised jobs will have doubled.


During FY 2021-22, the engineering industry made smart and dependable operations a top focus, and employers hired for a variety of specialised skills to help with project delivery and process performance.

As a result, hiring demand was seen to be more or less fairly distributed among the top specialised roles.


The demand for Nurse Informatics Specialists and Clinical Research Scientists was high due to the urgent need for data-driven support and the ability to analyse and act on vast amounts of patient data.

During FY 2021-22, nearly thrice the number of Nurse Informatics Specialists were hired, indicating that specialised positions in healthcare are growing at a rapid pace (near-100 percent to 220 percent across roles).


Telecom Infrastructure and Development Market Size USD 104 8 SG and White Space Spectrum Mobile Market Size USD 477 MM Mobile Virtual Network Operators Market Size USD 16 B App and Gaming Market Size USD 1 B

Hiring for specialised roles increased by about 100%, and the industry received the highest compensation for specialised roles.

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