William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar – Study Material

William Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar – Study Material

(From Act III Scene 2)


The play opens with Julius Caesar’s victorious return to Rome after defeating the sons of Pompey. While people rejoice, there is a group which fears that all these victories would get into Caesar’s head and he would cease to be democratic. Cassius, Brutus and others plot to kill Caesar.

A soothsayer (astrologer) warns Caesar about the “ides of March”. Calphurnia, Caesar’s wife, forbids him from going to the Senate House as she has had bad dreams. Decius Brutus, one of the conspirators, convinces Caesar to come to the Senate House.

At the Senate House, the conspirators surround Caesar. Casca is 8 the first to stab him. Caesar is shocked when he sees his friend Marcus Brutus with a sword. With an anguished cry of Et tu, Brute?

(You too Brutus) he dies.

Mark Antony, Caesar’s trusted friend, meets the murderers and requests them to allow him to take Caesar’s body to the market place. Marcus Brutus agrees, but warns Antony not to blame them in his funeral speech.

In Act III Scene 2, Brutus justifies the murder of Caesar. But Mark Antony, with his eloquence, wins the public over to his side. The result is that a riot breaks out and people are moved to a frenzy to avenge the murder of Caesar. Cassius and Brutus flee Rome, and Mark Antony, Octavius Caesar and Amelius Lepidus become the ‘triumvirs’. At the battle of Philippi, the forces of Cassius and Marcus Brutus are defeated, and true to his word, Brutus kills himself with his sword.

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