Merry Christmas!! This Article will Change Your Vision on Christmas!!


We Wish you a Merry Christmas Wishes in Tamil Images Meaning Quotes and Happy New Year Song!!

One Celebration To Make Us Happy…..

One Event Comes With the Heart Full Of Love…

One Day, For Become A Reason For Mercy And Kindness…

A Celebration Which Will Drown with Joy the Children’s Of Our Home…..

Only Reason, Beginning Of a Quarrel, Whether It Is a Star or an Angel, In the Top of the Tree…

The Starting Of All Hopes and the Ending of All Pains……

The Birth Of A Child, Made A Day With Bed Of Roses…….

Yes am talk about the day of joy. A heartful celebration of Christmas. A day, which is the celebration of a child and even for a poor’s. A birth of one child make the world in peak of happiness. Every year this day 25th December comes. But each and every year is tells something. Particularly this year. A great recovery from the pandemic of corona virus. Definitely this year Christmas come with a message of mercy.

Besides all this global things mercy is the one which will make good all the mankind. In my childhood, I also believed that Christmas is a day for eat dry fruits and play games with my cousins. But now I realized that. Christmas is apart from all of that. The people across the world have no restricted circle to enjoy this happiness.

In this situation of, the world getting ready to celebrate Christmas, people are decorating their home with hut and stars, kids hide chocolates of their siblings, Santa prepares his cherry red Corvette for the long journey, a girl hide letter for Santa under her pillow, Google broadcasting “Santa on his way” in their home page, on this golden time I have to tell you all something “A Merry Christmas”.

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