TNTET Study materials


TNTET Study materials

Tamil Nadu Teacher Recruitment Board is conducting Teacher Eligibility Test.

In this we have given Important study materials for TNTET. Here we given subject wise study materials. Candidates can download the study material from the below links. This is a complete set of compiled list of topics that almost covers the exam syllabus. This, we believe shall be useful in preparing and gearing up for taking the exams. Feel free to request your recommendations in the comments section. We tend to offer you the no frill set of study materials for TNTET preparation. We shall update the links with study materials at our pace and hence stay tuned for more updates.

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I) TNTET Paper I Study Material

  1. Child Development and Pedagogy :

Part (A): Child Development

  • The Children’s Profile at the Beginning of Primary Education—Physical and Cognitive
  • The Children’s Profile at the Beginning of Primary Education—Social and Emotional.
  • Physical & Intellectual Development during Primary School Years (6 to 10 Years)
  • Social and Emotional Development during Primary School Years (6 to 10 Years)
  • Moral Development during Primary School Years (6 to 10 Years)

Part (B): Learning

  • Learning
  • Types, levels and approaches to Learning
  • Concepts and constructs
  • Factors Contributing to Learning
  • Constructivist Approach to Learning
  • Learning and Knowledge

2. Tamil:

3. English: (Class I to V)

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Vocabulary
  • Language Functions

4. Mathematics: (Class I to V)

  • Shapes and Figures
  • Numbers
  • Measurements
  • Patterns
  • Study of Data
  • Fractional Numbers

5. Environmental Studies & Science (Class I to V): 

  • Plants
  • Animals & Birds
  • Small Creatures Around the children
  • Day and Night
  • Water
  • Air
  • Food
  • My Body
  • Keeping Healthy and Clean
  • Man, Matter and Materials
  • Work
  • Science in Everyday life
  • Travelogue

6. Social Science (Classes III to V):

  • Knowledge of Social behaviour
  • Knowing the route from Home to School
  • Knowing the basic directions; relating the sun.
  • Knowing Traffic Rules – Road safety-Norms
  • Learning about Public Services
  • Going on a trip
  • Knowledge & source of food, types of land and food grains that grow.
  • My District My Taluk, my Block, my Village, Physical features and life of people.
  • Physical features & life of Tamil nadu The life background of the district.
  • Getting acquainted with birds in Tamil nadu
  • Celestial bodies
  • Changes around me
  • What does the earth give us? What can we do, to preserve it?
  • Getting acquainted with animals – birds in Tamilnadu
  • How India became free: a story
  • My Country – physical and political features – National symbols.
  • Individuals tell their story – Lifestyles, events, anecdotes
  • Scientific Advancements and inventions in narrative and story telling few useful inventions and their impacts on human life. Few famous inventors
  • My Rights and Duties: As a citizen; as a child
  • Common festivals related to sun, moon and seasonal contexts,
    different socio, economic, occupational backings. Different festivals and their cultural connotations.
  • Safety: precautions
  • My state TamilNadu – physical and political features – state Symbols
  • Tamilnadu Folk arts
  • Tamilnadu crafts
  • Ancient Kings and Kingdoms of TamilNadu – Sangam Age.
  • Travel- Famous Travellers
  • Our Planet The geography of our Planet, Land forms, water bodies, Globe and Maps
  • Natural Resources of India – Soil
  • Vegetation in India
  • Minerals of India
  • Space Research – Kalpana Chawla – Sunitha Williams
  • Structure of Government in India
  • Local bodies and Public Properties
  • Knowing Traffic Rules – Road safety-Norms
  • Forts of Tamil Nadu
  • Musical Instruments
List of Important Static GK Topics for Competetive Exams

II) TNTET Paper II Study Material

  1. Child Development and Pedagogy :
  • Nature of Educational Psychology
  • Human Growth and Development
  • Cognitive Development
  • Social, Emotional and Moral Development
  • Learning
  • Intelligence and Creativity
  • Motivation and Group Dynamics
  • Personality and Assessment
  • Mental Health and Hygiene
  • Guidance and Counselling

2. Tamil 

3. English:(Class VI to VIII)

  • Listening
  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Language Functions

4. Mathematics: (Class VI to VIII)

  • Number System
  • Measurements
  • Algebra
  • Life Mathematics
  • Geometry
  • Data handling
  • Practical Geometry
  • Real Number System
  • Graph

5. Science (Class VI)

  • Applied Biology
  • Health and Hygiene
  • World of Animals
  • Life Process
  • Matter Separation of Substances
  • Exploring Chemical Changes and Formulation
  • Exploring the World
  • Matter and Measurement
  • Forces and Movement
  • Exploring Energy
  • Exploring Phenomena
  • My Body
  • World of Plants
  • Life Process
  • Environmental Science – Ecology
  • Matter
  • Atomic Structure

6. Social Science (Classes VI to VIII):


  • Pre-historic Period
  • Indus Valley Civilization
  • Ancient Land of Thamizhagam
  • Vedic Period
  • Jainism and Buddhism
  • Rise of Empires
  • Kushana Empire
  • The Great Mughals
  • Marathas
  • Advent of the Europeans
  • French Struggle
  • Rule of the English East India company
  • The Nayak Rule
  • Vellore mutiny


  • Earth and Solar System
  • Earth – Day and Night
  • Weather and Climate
  • An Introduction to Oceanography
  • Resources
  • Primary Activity
  • Primary Activity-Agriculture
  • Secondary Activity-Industries
  • Tertiary Activity
  • Population and Resource


  • Family and Society
  • Community and School
  • The Local Government
  • Democracy
  • Our Nation
  • Indian Constitution
  • Political parties
  • United Nations Organization
  • Legislations and Welfare schemes for Children and Women
  • National Integration
  • Socio-Economic problems
  • Human Rights and the UNO
  • Road Safety


  • Consumption
  • Factors of production
  • Money, savings and investment

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