TNPSC Junior Scientific Officer (JSO) Syllabus 2021 PDF – Download Exam Pattern Here


TNPSC Junior Scientific Officer (JSO) Syllabus 2021 PDF – Download Exam Pattern Here: Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC) has going to conduct Written Exam for the post of Junior Scientific Officer.  Here We were given Exam Pattern & Syllabus. It is very useful for those who are preparing for Junior Scientific Officer Recruitment. Candidates can download Exam Pattern & Syllabus from the below-mentioned links.

TNPSC Junior Scientific Officer (JSO) Syllabus 2021

Name of the Board TNPSC
Name of the Post Junior Scientific Officer
Vacancy Various
Category Syllabus & Exam Pattern Available
Status Syllabus

Exam Pattern:

TNPSC JSO Syllabus

Tamil Nadu PSC JSO Syllabus 2020 for Paper I

Forensic Science (PG Degree Standard)

  • Fire and arson, Combustible properties of flammable substances
  • Classification of explosive substances, Effects of explosion
  • Fundamentals of crime scene photography
  • Instrumental methods of organic analysis, Instrumental methods of inorganic analysis
  • Foot and tyer impressions, Fingerprints
  • Broken glass, glass fractures, the direction of force, backward fragmentation, comparison of glass fragments
  • The Forensic examination of soil and paints
  • Forensic Science Definition, Development of Forensic science in India
  • Physical evidence, preservation & transportation of physical evidence for laboratory examinations
  • Tool marks identification, Detection of counterfeit coins and currency
  • Firearms, Bullet and cartridge case identification
  • Questioned documents, identification of handwriting, typewriter and forged signatures
  • Toxicology, classification, and mode of action of poisons, narcotic drugs, alcoholic beverages
  • Examination of biological fluids, forensic characterization of biological stain, Fundamental of DNA typing

Biology (PG Degree Standard)

  • DNA analysis in paternity testing
  • General classification and salient features of Invertebrata and Vertebrata
  • Structural organization and importance of animal cells
  • Biochemical and Molecular Techniques, Blood and its composition, Isolation of Proteins from a blood sample
  • Origin of Microbiology, Cultivation of Microorganisms, Preparation of culture media, Sterilization techniques
  • Cell counting of WBC and RBC
  • Reproductive and Integumentary systems. Developmental biology
  • Physical / Biological Anthropology
  • Bioterrorism and Biohazards
  • DNA profiling, Genetic code, Mutation, and DNA polymorphism
  • Beneficial and harmful insects
  • Fundamentals of Anthropology
  • Chemistry of Biomolecules (Carbohydrates, Proteins, and Amino acids, Lipids, Nucleic acid, Enzymes, Hormones)
  • Host-parasite interaction, Microbial diseases, Nosocomial infection, Zoonotic diseases
  • Biodeterioration of fibers and leather, Bioremediation, Bioconversion
  • Environmental microbiology, Role of microbes in the production of fermentation products
  • Microbial biofertilizers, Microbial biopesticides and Microbial degradation of synthetic pesticides
  • Cell Biology, Paleobotany, Plant Physiology, and Plant Biochemistry, Plant pathology, Plant Diversity
  • Production of antibiotics, Enzymes, Pigments, Insulin, Interferon, Monoclonal antibodies

Chemistry (PG Degree Standard)

  • Mean ionic activity and activity coefficient:
  • Spectroscopy
  • Organometallic compounds, Bioinorganic Chemistry,  and Polymers
  • Quantum Chemistry
  • Chemical Kinetics and Thermodynamics
  • Organic reaction mechanism and Stereochemistry,
  • Natural Products and Drugs
  • Organic metallic compounds in catalysis
  • Effects of conformation on reactivity in acyclic compounds and cyclohexanes
  • Nuclear Chemistry
  • Electrochemistry
  • PH & PKA of acids and bases
  • Analytical Chemistry and Instrumental methods
  • General methods of reaction mechanisms
  • Poisons and Pesticides
  • Electromagnetic radiations and quantization of energy

Physics (PG Degree Standard)

  • Thermodynamics – statistical mechanics, quantum statistics
  • Electro-Magnetic Theory
  • Faraday’s Laws of induction
  • Optics, Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy
  • Solid-state and nuclear physics
  • Mechanics: Relativity & Space Mechanics
  • Classical mechanics
  • Quantum mechanics
  • Biot and Savart Law, Ampere Law
  • Schroedinger time-dependent and time-independent equations
  • Electronic devices and applications
  • Communication electronics
  • Spin angular momentum, negative energy states
  • Condon principle, Microwave, IR, RAMAN, Mossbauer, NMR, NQR, and ESR Spectroscopy
  • Crystal Classes and Systems
  • Directional high-frequency antennas

Computer Science (PG Degree Standard)

  • Design and analysis of algorithms
  • Computer Architecture
  • Compilers and advanced operating systems
  • Review of uniprocessor operating system
  • Mathematical Foundations
  • Basic concepts of strings, alphabets, languages, finite automaton, regular expressions
  • The data structure in C++
  • Multimedia and web technologies
  • Object-oriented analysis and design
  • Multiprocessor operating system
  • Distributed Operating System
  • Software Project Management
  • Artificial Intelligence, Cloud computing, Cyber Security
  • Database Management Systems
  • Mobile communications
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General Science

  • Electricity and Magnetism
  • Universe: General Scientific laws‐Scientific instruments, Inventions, and Discoveries
  • Mechanics and properties of matter
  • Elements and Compounds, Acids, bases and salts
  • Fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, Biochemistry and biotechnology, Electrochemistry, Polymers and plastics
  • Inventions and Discoveries
  • Electricity and Magnetism, Electronics and Communication
  • Heat, light and sound, Atomic and nuclear physics
  • Astronomy and space science
  • Main Concepts of life science, Classification of Living Organism
  • Alcoholism and drug abuse
  • Blood and blood circulation, Reproductive system, Genetics the science of heredity
  • Animals, plants and human life
  • Communicable diseases and non‐ communicable diseases

Aptitude & Mental Ability (SSLC Standard)

  • Number Series
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Communications in Information Technology
  • Visual Reasoning
  • Conversion of information to data
  • Alphabetical Reasoning
  • Percentage
  • Simple & Compound Interest
  • Area & Volume
  • HCF, LCM
  • Alphanumeric Reasoning
  • Diagrammatic Sequences
  • Simplification
  • Parametric representation of data
  • Time and Work
  • Ratio and Proportion
  • Analytical interpretation of data

Current Events

  • Geographical landmarks
  • Current socio‐economic problems
  • Latest inventions on science & technology
  • Indian History
  • Political Science
  • Earth and Universe, Atmosphere hydrosphere, lithosphere
  • Union Budget
  • Population density and distribution
  • Economy of India
  • Indian National Movement
  • National & International Current events
  • History and culture of India
  • Indian Polity

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How to Download TNPSC JSO Syllabus 2021?

Candidates can download TNPSC JSO Syllabus 2021 from our website.

What is the Exam Date for TNPSC JSO Examination?

The TNPSC JSO Examination will be announced soon

What is the selection process TNPSC JSO Exam?

The candidate will get selected after the Written Test and Interview