Third Round Table Conference in India Study Materials


Third Round Table Conference in India Study Materials

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            The third session began on 17 November 1932, but again proved fruitless since the national leaders were in prison. The Indian National Congress was not represented, and Mahatama Gandhi was also absent. The session was short and unimportant. Reports of the various committees were scrutinised. The conference ended on 25 December 1932. The recommendations of the Round Table Conferences were embodied in a White Paper. It was published in March 1933, and debated in Parliament directly afterwards, analysed by the Joint Select Committee and after the final reading and royal assent, the bill reached the Statute Book on 24 July 1935. It was held in London on 12 November 1930, to discuss the Simon Commission, but was totally boycotted by the Indian National Congress.

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Karachi session of Congress (1931)

           The Congress session in Karachi in March 1931, endorsed the Gandhi-Irwin Pact. During this session, the Congress also adopted the memorable resolution of Fundamental Rights of Indians and the National economic Programme (drafted by Jawaharlal Nehru) which included the national democratic charter, the nationalisarion of key industries in India, agrarian reforms, free and compulsory primary education and protection of culture, language and script of the minorities of different linguistic areas.

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