Terrorist and Revolutionary Movements In India Study Material


Terrorist and Revolutionary Movements In India Study Materials

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The left wing of the Congress eventually got divided as a result of the agitational outburst and governmental repression. The government disliked the growing popularity of the militant nationalism and used the growing schism within the Congress to crush agitational politics. It passed the Seditious Meeting Act (1907) to curb public meetings and demonstrations, enacted the Newspapers Incitement to Offence Act (1908) to choke the voice of the critical press, and later placed in the statute book, a special form of trial for the terrorist offences under the Criminal Law Amendment Act (1908). The disintegrated Extremists eventually divided into two groups; (i) the nationalist extremists, who remained satisfied with the programmes of Swadeshi and boycott; and (ii) the terrorists and revolutionaries, who were inspired by the knowledge of the revolutionary movements in the West for freedom. The terrorist and revolutionary movements and a summarized account of their activities are being given in the following sections.

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