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Badminton: Court, Net Fault, Double Fault, Cros Shot, Dues, Advance, Drop, Love,  Smash.

Basketball:  Ring Guard, Free throw line, Key Hole, Pivot Tip Off, Lead Pass, FIBA.

Billiards / snookzer : Queue, Jigger, Break Pot, Inlock, Hazard, Cans, Cue, Scratch.

Boxing: Blow, Bounce, Belt, Knock Down, Heating, Villo, Punch, Jab, Huck, Upper Cut,  Welter Weight.

Chess: Gambit, Stalemate, Pawn, Checkmate, Bishop, FIDE, Castle, Cheek, Pieces, Files, Sielllian Defence.

Cricket: Bat, Ball, China Man, LBW, Hat Trick, Duck, Gully, Strock, Cover, Hit Wicket, Googly, Popping, Crease, Follow On, Duck, Stone Walling.

Football: Full Back, Half Back, Free Kick, Hat trick, Sweeper, throwing, Handball, FIFA, Header, Dummy, Dribble.

Golf: Pull Hall, The Green, Bunker, Par, Lie, Bogey, Caddie, PGA Tour & masters open, United States open, Tee.

Hockey: Stick, Penalty Strock, Scoop, Undercutting, Bully, Centre Forward, Push In, Side Line, Half Bally.

Polo: Bunker, Chukker, Mallet.

Shootng: Target, Bulls Eye, Muzzle, Trench Shooting, Shooting, Skill Shooting, Skit Shooting, Plug

Swimming: FINA, Butterfly, Breast Strock, Spring Board, Twist, Front Crawl,

Table Tennis: Back, Spin, Half, Court, Rally Late, Top Spin, Chinese Grip, Foil, Back Spin, Counter Bitting, Pin Holder Grip, Falt Hit.

Lawn Tennis: Late, Grand Slam, Half Vally,  Hand Drive, Dues, Service, ATP, WTA.

Archery : Target, Bulls Eye, Muzzle, Shooting, Skit Shooting, Plug.

Squash : Lob , Let, Kill, Hot Ball, Drive.

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