Prohibiting Teachers from Using Cell Phones; Issues with Attendance Tracking!! New Statement!!

Prohibiting Teachers from Using Cell Phones
Prohibiting Teachers from Using Cell Phones

Teachers Using Mobile Phones in the Classroom – Prohibited!! Government School Teachers are lacking in the Attendance marking for children’s via EMIS app. According to this, the Teachers are marking the attendance via EMIS app now the statement released regarding this. The Teachers are using cell phones in the class room goes against disciplinary actions this makes them sad because they are using the phones only for attendance – confessing by the government Teachers. Without phone how they are going to mark the attendance more details below.

This is due to the fact that the School Education Administration has already ordered all teachers at Government schools to bring cell phones to class. On other words, teachers are required to maintain the kids’ daily attendance records in the EMIS mobile phone app used by the School’s Education Department while they are present in the classroom each day.

Similar to this, Head Teachers should log the Teachers’ attendance on the mobile phone app. Teachers should utilise their phones in the classroom to complete all of these tasks. The teachers in this situation are complaining because it is contradictory to state that using a phone in class will result in disciplinary punishment.

Since mobile phones are not permitted in Government School Classrooms, it is difficult to record attendance on the “EMIS” website.

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There should be no excuse for teachers to use their phones in the classroom. The School Education Department has lately cautioned them that disciplinary action will be taken against those involved if it is discovered that such use has occurred. The teachers are stunned by this statement. Follow our site more job details.

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