IBPS Clerk Prelims Exam Analysis, Review 2017: 10th Dec


The preliminary exam for IBPS Clerk was conducted online and had 100 questions for 60 minutes. Candidates have to manage those 60 minutes themselves while dealing with three sections- Reasoning Ability (35 Ques), Numerical Ability (35 Ques), and English Language (30 Ques). 

Subject Good Attempt Time (in min.)
English Language 15-18 15
Reasoning Ability 29-32 20
Numerical Ability 24-27 25
Total 78-82 60

English Language (Moderate-Difficult)

The level of English Language was Moderate-Difficult. There were new pattern questions on idiom and phrases where one had to choose an idiom/phrase the was similar to the word given in bold. There were questions of double fillers. In sentence rearrangement, parts of a sentence were to be rearranged to make a meaningful sentence.

Topic No. of Question Level
Reading Comprehension 5 Moderate
Double Fillers 7 Moderate
Idioms/ Phrases 10 Moderate-Difficult
Sentence Rearrangement (New Pattern) 8 Moderate-Difficult
Total 30 Moderate-Difficult

Numerical Ability (Easy-Moderate)

The level of Numerical Ability section was Easy-Moderate. The number of questions from arithmetic (word problems) was significantly high as 10 out of 35 questions were from the arithmetic portion There was only 1 set of DI:

  • Tabular (Different shopkeer selling mobiles on different days)
Topics No. of Question Level
Tabular DI 5 Moderate
Simplification/Approximation 15 Easy-Moderate
Number Series (Missing) 5 Easy-Moderate
Partnership 2 Easy
Mensuration 1 Easy
Simple Interest 1 Easy
Time, Speed and Distance 1 Easy
Problem on Ages 2 Easy
Time and Work 1 Easy
Miscellaneous  2 Easy
Total 35 Easy-Moderate

Reasoning Ability (Easy)

There were 3 sets of puzzles and Seating Arrangement which are given below:-

  • Linear (Double line, Both North) 1 Variable
  • Square(8 person sitting, Four at cornor and four at middle of the side)
  • Months based Puzzle(2 Variable)
Topics No. of Questions Level
Coding Decoding  4 Easy
Puzzles and Seating Arrangement 15 Moderate
Alphabet Series 5 Easy
Blood Relation 3 Easy
Inequality 4 Easy
Syllogism  4 Easy
Total 35  Easy



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