Social Media and Working from Home Promote Physical and Mental Wellness!!

Social Media and Working from Home Promote Physical and Mental Wellness!!
Social Media and Working from Home Promote Physical and Mental Wellness!!

Social Media and Working from Home Promote Physical and Mental Wellness!!Social Media and working from home promotes physical and mental wellness. Check details here.

According to a survey by ICICI Lombard, the nation’s Wellness Index has increased to 72 after declining to 66 in 2020, but it is still lower than the pre-Covid level of 78 in 2019. Kantar interviewed 2,011 consumers in 19 cities between the ages of 18 and 50 for the poll. According to an ICICI Lombard report, women are driving financial wellbeing as India’s overall wellness index marginally increases. Financial wellness has increased to 12% from 9% last year, even though physical and mental wellness continues to be the top determinants for determining overall wellness. The development in financial wellness in tier 1 towns is being significantly driven by women, who are also starting to better take care of their physical and mental health.

On the other hand, men are demonstrating a significant improvement in work-life balance as a result of the hybrid work/home model. Overall, the wellbeing index was higher for salaried workers who worked from home (71%) and those who used the hybrid model (67%), compared to those who worked in an office (63%). Ownership of health insurance is another element that is enhancing general wellness. In terms of general healthiness, individuals with health insurance scored 78%, as opposed to those without it scoring 67%. Physical wellness stood at 87% for health insurance owners compared to 71% for non-owners among the sub-types of wellness.

Another unexpected finding was that those who used social media had greater levels of physical (81%) and mental (76%) wellbeing than those who didn’t (72% and 65%, respectively). Up to 77% of respondents expressed or discussed it on social media, with Facebook being the most popular platform, followed by Instagram and YouTube.

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The survey also examined the effect of Covid on savings, with 46% of respondents reporting a negative impact of 5–10% and another 25% reporting a negative impact of 10–20%. Inflation-unaffected individuals had a high overall wellbeing rate of 75%.

According to the study, respondents’ levels of stress and despair have not decreased over the previous two years, and 26% of them have experienced changes in their weight and appetite in addition to 26% reporting weariness. This has resulted in a 73% increase in the mental wellness index. Follow our site for daily updates regarding this.

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