Sentence Improvement With Explanation PDF


Sentence Improvement With Explanation PDF

Directions (1-166): In the following questions, a sentence/part of the sentence is printed in bold. Below are given alternatives to the bold sentence/part of the sentence at (1), (2) and (3) which may improve the sentence. Choose the correct alternative. In case no improvement is needed, your answer is (4).

1.The train is running late time.

(1)after                              (2)behind

(3)off                                 (4)No improvement

2.When the party ended, the band pack up its

equipment and left.

(1)will pack up

(2)will have packed up

(3)packed up

(4)No improvement

3.I made a lecture.

(1)will make                      (2)gave

(3)would make                   (4)No improvement.

4.They prevented me from danger.

(1)was preventing             (2)were preventing

(3)protected                      (4)No improvement

  1. The room is smoky.

(1)by smokes                     (2)filled with smoke

(3)with smokes                  (4)No improvement

  1. I really enjoyed the way the fashions how was executed and I also very much liked its theme.

(1)its theme conveyed

(2)and the executing of the fashion shows theme

(3)I really liked its theme

(4)No improvement

7.Ronald might fail the test, in which point he’d re-sit it next year.

(1)Ronald might fail the test, in which time he’ d re-sit it next year.

(2)Ronald might failed the test, in which point he ’d re-sit it next year.

(3)Ronald might fail the test, in which case he’d re-sit it next year.

(4)No improvement

8.He saw looking through the window, the beggar standing right there.

(1)He saw the beggar looking through the window standing right down there.

(2)He,looking thought he window,saw the beggar standing right down there.

(3)Looking through the window, he saw the beggar standing right there.

(4)No improvement

  1. Only a smaller number of students participated in the 15th August celebration at school.

(1)constricted                    (2)little

(3)a few                             (4)No improvement

10.The chairs will be disposed in an auction.

(1)Disposed off                  (2)Disposed of

(3)Dispose towards                       (4)No improvement

11.The Chief Minister has promised to commit his department to are new ed effort to clean up the environment

(1)administration               (2)departmental

(3)workers                         (4)No improvement

12.Both himself and his relations will be invited.

(1)you                                (2)she

(3)he                                  (4)No improvement

13.As I am suffering from fever so grant me leave for two days.

(1)and grant me                  (2)please grant me

(3)grant myself                  (4)No improvement

14.A man’s life is divided to four stages.

(1)into                               (2)as

(3)of                                  (4)No improvement

15.On saw the mother ,the child smiled sweetly.

(1)On seeing                      (2)On having seen

(3)On seen                         (4)No Improvement

16.The three daughters divided the property between themselves.

(1)for                                 (2)to

(3)among                           (4)No improvement

17.He did not give me some books.

(1)more                              (2)any

(3)much                             (4)No improvement

18.We saw one tiger approached to us.

(1)approaching to us

(2)approaching us

(3)approaching towards us

(4)No improvement

19.The re were so many children at the party that it was hardly impossible to keep a count.

(1)hardly possible for keeping

(2)hardly impossible keeping

(3)hardly possible to keep

(4)No improvement

20.I am the secretary of the sports. clubs ince its formation five years ago.

(1)was                               (2)have been

(3)had been                        (4)No improvement

21.Sunil was acting strange when I saw him.

(1)strangely                       (2)stranger

(3)more strange                 (4)No improvement

22.I shall not go until I am Invited.

(1)till                                 (2)whether

(3)unless                            (4)No improvement

23.The workers should have be en more meticulous.

(1) Committed                  (2)Precise

(3)No improvement           (4)Punctual

24.I was angry at myself for making such a big mistake.

(1)with                              (2)about

(3)No improvement           (4)on

25.Torture and trauma has made her a mental patient.

(1)No improvement           (2)Lunatic

(3) Mania                           (4)Mad

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26.She is very eccentric woman.

(1) Impatient                     (2)No improvement

(3) Unusual                                   (4)Generous

27.The chicken sin his farm are fatted up nicely.

(1)are fattened                  (2)are fattening

(3)are fattying                    (4)No improvement

28.The university asked him to return back the funds allotted for the project.

(1)No improvement

(2)to bring back the funds

(3)to settle the funds

(4)to return the funds

29.He learnt the lesson with great care.

(1)carefully                        (2)carelessly

(3)with care                       (4)No improvement

30.No one cared for the boy after his father died.

(1)cared for the boys ince his father died

(2)No improvement

(3)took the boy for care after his father’s death

(4)took care of the boy after his father died

31.He insisted to go with me.

(1)insisted upon going

(2)agreed to go

(3)No improvement

(4)insisted that he should go

32.The hawk said that the pigeon sand dove are meat birds.

(1)No improvement           (2)meek birds

(3)meet birds                     (4)weak birds

33.The second pigeon flew just as the first pigeon had flown.

(1)No improvement           (2)one had done

(3)one had flown away       (4)had done

34.The old man has acquired experience through age.

(1)No improvement

(2)developed experience


(4)got experience

35.Water and soil pollutants find their entry into the body through ingestion of conta minated water or food.

(1)No improvement

(2)digestion of contaminated

(3)injection of contaminated

(4)passage of contaminated

36.He lives far from the station.

(1)No improvement

(2)away from the station

(3)along way from the station

(4)off the station

37.Mumbai s famous because of its textiles.

(1)No improvement           (2)at

(3)in                                   (4)for

38.They spoke about the weather.

(1)No Improvement           (2)said

(3)talked                            (4)expressed

39.Mr. Mukherjee knows ten languages,isn’t it?

(1)No improvement

(2)doesn’t Mr. Mukherjee

(3)has n’t he

(4)does n’t he

40.It’s high time that you go home.

(1)No improvement           (2)are going

(3)went                              (4)gone

41.Drinking tea is an English habit.

(1)No improvement           (2)tradition

(3)convention                    (4)custom

42.He is wanting in a little common sense.

(1)No improvement           (2)lacks

(3)is lacking in                    (4)needs some

43.We do not believe in a dual policy of the company.

(1)in this dual                     (2)in these dual

(3)on these dual                 (4)No Improvement

44.This news la too good to be true.

(1)cannot be true

(2)so good that it should be true

(3)No Improvement

(4)so good that it cannot be true

45.The notorious criminal went to the police to go to prison.

(1)submitted to the police

(2)surrendered himself before the police

(3)No improvement

(4)gave him self up for the police

46.If he has time he will telephone.

(1)could                 (2)might

(3)would               (4)No improvement

47.He met European lady at the conference who works for an NGO.

(1)European lady who works for an NGO at the conference

(2)No improvement

(3)a European lady who works for an NGO, at the conference

(4)an European lady at the conference who works for an NGO

48.I did not see you for a long time.

(1)have not seen                  (2)saw

(3)No improvement            (4)have not been seeing

49.The glass figurine that was being shown in the store window appealed to me.

(1)No Improvement

(2)that was on display

(3)that was exhibited

(4)that was advertised

50.He is some how tall for his age.

(1)No improvement           (2)rather

(3)many         4)much

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