Science and Technology – November 2018


Science and Technology – November 2018

In this we have given, November Month Science and Technology Current Affairs and their other details. This is very important for all Competitive exams like UPSC, SSC, RRB, and all PSC Examinations.

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Science and Technology

Teams to report incidents of pollution

  • Environment Ministry constituted 52 special action teams that will go to various places of Delhi-NCR and report the incidents of pollution to the concerned enforcing agency.

Ozone layer is finally healing from damage

  • A United Nations, UN report has said Earth’s protective ozone layer is finally healing from damage caused by aerosol sprays and coolants.

Frontline health workers in the country against Ebola vaccinated

  • The World Health Organization and Ugandan Ministry of Health, have begun vaccinating frontline health workers in the country against Ebola.

Ice age crater discovered beneath Greenland glacier

  • Buried beneath a kilometre of snow and ice in northern Greenland, scientists have uncovered an asteroid impact crater, bigger than the area of Paris. This is the first time that a crater of any size has been found under one of Earth’s continental ice sheets, said researchers from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

Regulating food products cultured from animal cells

  • US agreed to regulate food products cultured from animal cells – paving the way to get so-called “lab meat” on American plates.

Congo’s Ebola outbreak

  • The World Health Organization, WHO, said that Congo’s deadly Ebola outbreak is now the second largest in history, behind the devastating West Africa outbreak that killed thousands a few years ago. 

Inventions / Discover

Novel ‘bionic mushrooms’ can produce electricity

  • Scientists, including those of Indian origin, have created a bionic device that generates green power by 3D-printing clusters of cyanobacteria on an ordinary white button mushroom.

China debuts artificial intelligence news anchors

  • “World first”, Xinhua news agency debuted a pair of virtual news anchors of advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI).

Mobile phone-based sensors to detect adulteration in milk

  • A smart phone-based sensor is being developed by the researchers at IIT-H to detect adulteration in milk.

‘Robo-nose’ to replace sniffer dogs

  • Scientists have developed an artificial “robot nose” device made from living mouse cells that could be used instead of dogs to sniff out narcotics and explosives.

New technology to monitor impact of rain & deal with natural disasters

  • The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has developed a new technology to assess the rise of water level in rivers and reservoirs by rain.
  • The technology, called ‘Impact Based Forecasting Approach’, which shows pre-event scenario, can help state governments to minutely monitor the impact of rain and take real-time decisions.

Space Science

NASA’s historic Dawn mission to asteroid belt comes to end

  • NASA’s pioneering Dawn spacecraft launched in 2007 to study the protoplanet Vesta and the dwarf planet Ceres orbited the two largest objects in the asteroid belt has run out of fuel, ending a historic 11-year mission that untraveled many mysteries of our solar system.

China launches new high-orbit satellite

  • China successfully launched a high orbit satellite to boost its home-grown BeiDou global satellite navigation system. It is the first BeiDou-3 satellite in high orbit, about 36,000 km above the Earth.
  • It will be the fourth global satellite navigation system after the US GPS system, Russia’s GLONASS and the European Union’s Galileo.

NASA’s Hubble spots cosmic smiley

  • The Hubble Space telescope has spotted a formation of galaxies that resembles a smiling face in the sky.

NASA probe set to visit Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids

  • NASA’s Ralph – a space instrument that has travelled as far as Pluto – is set to explore Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids, which are remnants from the early days of the solar system. In 2021, Ralph is set to journey with the Lucy mission to Jupiter’s Trojan asteroids.

NASA releases new image of Jupiter’s swirling clouds

  • NASA’s Juno spacecraft has beamed back a stunning image of Jupiter, showing the gas giant’s multitude of colourful, swirling clouds. The image was taken on October 29 as Juno performed its 16th close flyby of Jupiter

ISRO to launch modern communication satellite GSAT-29 onboard rocket GSLV-Mark-Three

  • The Indian Space Research Organization ISRO will launch the modern communication satellite GSAT-29 onboard the rocket GSLV-Mark-Three. This would be the second development flight of the heavier launch vehicle GSLV Mark-III.
  • It has the capacity to lift satellites of about four-tons into a geostationary transfer orbit.

ISRO successfully launches communication satellite GSAT-29

  • ISRO’s heavy-lift rocket GSLV-MkIII-D2 blasted off from Sriharikota on November 14 carrying India’s latest communication satellite GSAT-29 on board. GSLV-MkIII-D2 rocket successfully injects the satellite into a geosynchronous transfer orbit.

‘Super-Earth’ found orbiting Sun’s nearest single star

  • Astronomers have discovered a frozen planet with a mass over three times that of the Earth, orbiting the closest solitary star to the Sun.
  • The potentially rocky planet, known as Barnard’s star b, is a ‘super-Earth’ and orbits around its host star once every 233 days, said researchers from Queen Mary University of London.

Countdown for launch of ISRO’s PSLV-C43 begins

  • The countdown for the launch of the national space agency ISRO’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle PSLV-C43 began. It is carrying India’s latest earth observation satellite hyper-spectral imaging satellite [HysIS]

PSLV-C43 successfully launched 31 satellites

  • The Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV-C43) successfully launched 31 satellites from Satish Dhawan Space Centre (SDSC) in Sriharikota.
  • 31 Satellite includes India’s Hyper-Spectral Imaging Satellite (HysIS) and 30 foreign satellites
  • ISRO to launch its heaviest satellite, GSAT-11, on Dec 5, 2018

 App/ Web Portal/ Toll Free

Unreserved Mobile Ticketing facility [UTS] mobile app

  • Railway passengers can now book unreserved general tickets online from November 1. To avail the facility passengers have to download UTS on the mobile app.

Bhoomi Rashi Portal

  • The portal allows for totally digital and paper-less processing of land acquisition cases, and has resulted in transparent, quick, corruption-free and error-free handling of land acquisition cases. It has also made the possible real-time tracking of activities and generation of reports relating to land acquisition.

AirSewa 2.0

  • The Union Minister of Civil Aviation and Commerce & Industry, Suresh Prabhu, and Minister of State for Civil Aviation, Jayant Sinha launched the upgraded version of AirSewa 2.0 web portal and mobile app in New Delhi.

Government sets up state of-the-art National Data Repository

  • Minister for Petroleum & Natural Gas Dharmendra Pradhan said it is a database of all the geo-scientific data of hydrocarbon resources in the country. National Data Repository is equipped with cutting-edge technology and provides ready access to interested companies.
  • With the introduction of National Data Repository in Indian E&P regime, India has joined the league of countries like UK and Norway which have a National Data Repository for the upstream sector.

Aero India 2019

  • The 12th edition of ‘Aero India 2019’ would be held at Air Force Station, Yelahanka, Bengaluru, (Karnataka) from 20 to 24 February 2019.
  • This five-day event will combine a major trade exhibition of the aerospace and defence industries with public air shows.

Paisa – Portal

  • A centralized electronic platform for processing interest subvention on bank loans to beneficiaries under Deendayal Antyodaya Yojana – National Urban Livelihoods Mission (DAY-NULM) named “PAiSA – Portal for Affordable Credit and Interest Subvention Access” was launched.
  • The web platform has been designed and developed by Allahabad Bank which is the Nodal bank.

Integrated Health Information Platform (IHIP)

  • Preeti Sudan, Union Health Secretary did soft-launch of the Integrated Disease Surveillance Programme (IDSP) segment of Integrated Health Information Platform (IHIP) in seven states.
  • The path-breaking initiative will provide near-real-time data to policy makers for detecting outbreaks, reducing the morbidity and mortality and lessening disease burden in the populations and better health systems.


  • The Ministry of Women and Child Development has linked SHe-Box, the online portal to report complaints of Sexual Harassment at Workplace, to all the Central Ministries, Departments and 653 districts across 33 States/Union Territories.

e-pashuhat (GPMS Transportal)

  • The portal is playing a crucial role in connecting farmers, breeders and other agencies to trade in disease-free germplasm, namely live animals, frozen semen and embryos.
  • It has been created and integrated with UMANG (Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance) application.
  • INDUSCHIP has been developed for genomic selection of indigenous breeds and 6000 dairy animals have been genetically evaluated using it.

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