September Month Current Affairs In English Quiz-15


A ________ crore mega internal security schemes was approved by the government today strengthen the country’s law and order mechanism to modernize police forces and effectively fight against terrorism?

The 3rd India International festival will be held in which city?

Which city has topped the 2017 savills tech cities index?

Who headed the committee who has recommended appointing cybercrime co-coordinator in all states and establishing cybercrime cells in each districts?

Who has been appointed as the governor of Arunachal Pradesh?

Name the newly appointed first chief proctor of the Banaras hindu university?

Who became the first Indian woman to scale mount manaslu which is the 8th highest mountain peak in the world?

India has registered a significant decline in instant mortality rate by ________%

NITI Aayog in partnership with US administration will host the 8th annual global entrepreneurship summit in which city?

The union cabinet has approved signing of an agreement with which of the following country to increase the co-operation in the field of information communication and media?

Asian development bank has approved a loan of $80million for modernization of which state’s technical and vocational & training institutions?

What is the ranking of India in global ranking in terms of best country for expats to live and work in says a HSBC survey?

Which of the following firm is not in the top three places to work in India?

Which will be the first big state where assembly elections will be conducted with electronic voting machine equipped with Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trial (VVPAT)?

Which of the following state has planned to give free mobile phones to 55 lakh 60 thousand people within two and half years in the state?

Which of the following private bank will be partnering with 50 technology and business schools to tap in to emerging Fintech ideas?

India and which of the following country have extended bilateral cooperation in health sector through partnership initiative for 3 years starting 2018?

Which of the following firm has won the first contract to supply electric vehicles to replace petrol and diesel cars used by government?

Which of the following PSU (Public Sector Understanding) has launched a new masala bond on London stock exhange’s approximately $300 million?

World largest nuclear powered ice breaker ship “Sibir” belong to which country?


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