September Month Current Affairs In English Quiz-13


Which of the following state government launches vision – 2025 recently for development of their state in next 7 years based on the opinion of the public?

Carolina Marin of Spain won the womens singles of Japan open 2017 Badminton champion by defeating which of the following player?

A) Nozomi Okuhara B) Bingjiao C) Misaki Matsu tomo D) Ayaka Takhashi

Which of the following country will create its own space agency in an attempt to cash in on a $420 billion aeronautical industry and create thousand of new jobs?

PM Narendra Modi launched a new scheme, ‘Pradhan Mantri Sahaj Bijli HarGhar Yojna – Saubhagya’ for all the states and union territories should complete house hold electrification by 31st December of which year?

Recently India has launched ‘Incredible India’ campaign in which African city?

The 57th National Athletics championship held in which city?

Angela Merkel wins 4th term as chancellor of Germany. Then who is the president of Germany?

DRUZBA 2017 is a joint military drill of which two countries?

Who has been appointed as chairman of Economic Advisory Council (EAC) which is constituted by Narendra Modi?

Banaj Devi, a famous poet and short story writer is to be awarded Sarala award for her short story compilation ‘Katha pua’ the she belong to which state?

India, USA, Afghanisthan join hand for first trade and investment show in which city?

Who has been selected for the living legend award of the International Union of Nutrition Sciences (IUNS)?

Which of the following airport became first in India to provide wheel chair lift?

What is the ranking of IOC (Indian Oil Corporation) in Platts Top 250 Global energy company ranking?

PM Modi dedicated to the nation, Deendayal Hast Kala Sankul, a trade facilitation centre for handcrafts in which city?

Who is present CEO of GlaxoSmithKline a British pharmaceutical company?

Who was the president of first session of general assembly which held in 1946?

RBI caps bank investment in private equity funds at ________% in the paid up capital/ unit capital in category I and II funds?

Vaishnavi Reddy related to which sport?

State owned IDBI bank has sold its stake to which of the following bank to mobilize funds by exiting non core business?


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