Biology QUIZ_1



Which belongs to capsule type

Myco bacterium tuber culosis causes

Tomato is the type of

Who coined the term vaccine.

The product obtained in the Anaerobic respiration of yeast is

Elisa and western blot tests taken to conform the following disease.

The disease transmission through the vector the female anopheles mosquito.

Conversion of milk into curd by

A(H1 N1) virus causing.

Pollination by insects

The first vaccine injected into a just bom baby is

The first human like being

Normal body temper of man is

Thyroid gland in

Night blindness is the symptom of lack of the following vitamin.

Pernicious anaemia is the deficiency disease of the vitamin.

Primitive man evolved in

Bleeding gums caused by the deficiency of vitamin.

Triple antigen vaccine

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