7th Economics English Quiz


7th Economics English Quiz

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VAT means?

TDS means?

In United States how many percentage of the labour force is tertiary workers?

Tertiary Sector?

Who is the Father of Economy?

Which is not a direct tax

In Economics Capital refers to?

The reward paid to capital as a factor of production is called?

The tax which paid on the inherited property left by a dead man is called?

The largest and most significant sector in the Indian Economy?

The central collects the taxes at various levels namely?

VAT is the?

Manufacturing sector is?

Direct tax is directly paid to?

The tax which is charged on goods imported into a country?

All the free gifts of nature are termed as?

Sales tax is levied when the movable goods are sold or bought within a ?

When land&capital becomes inactive?

Who is called as the changing agent of the society?

Number of Economy sector ?


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