Engagement of Private Companies for Repair of Nhs!! Details Here


Engagement of Private Companies for Repair of Nhs!!  Agencies like MoRTH including NHAI appoint private sectors for the management such as maintenance & repair of Indian National Highways. In the process of maintenance and repairing work of Indian National Highways, totally have three sections.

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They are, contractor is paid for the quantities of repair works undertaken by it at the contract rates that are the first section. The second method is performance based maintenance.  In this maintenance section, the contract or at the time of defects liability period and maintenance period of EPC contract, the contractor maintains the road as per the performance standards laid down in the contract and lump sum payment is made to the contractor on periodic basis.

The maintenance at the period of operation and maintenance period of public private partnership mode of contract. In public private partnership as well in EPC contract, contractor/concessionaire maintains the project highway during construction time that is the third section which is based on performance work.

The frequent maintenance and monitoring of the management and repair works are managed by Independent Engineer/Authority’s Engineer/ Construction Supervision Consultant and officers of the concerned implementing agency of the Government as per provisions of respective contract and guidelines of MoRTH/NHAI to complete maintenance and repair works in time/ ensure that performance standards are adhered to throughout the maintenance time.

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