Pre Historic Period Quiz


Pre Historic Period Quiz

Neolithic People Cultivated __________

Neolithic sites of Giak and Kiari are in ?

Nomad man started settling in?

At which of the following places have excavations in recent years brought to light new evidence of Neolithic sites in India?

Given below are two statements, one labelled as Assertion (A) find other,labelled as Reason (R). In (lie context of the above two statements, which one of the following is correct?

Which of the billowing race resembled men, but were racially different front ‘Homo Sapiens'?

In which of the following regions did Amri culture flourish?

What does the ‘Ash Mounds’ from Deccan symbolise?

Which of the following materials was used to make most of the tools belonging to the Early Stone age in India?

Which of the following was used by the people of the Mesolithic age?

What was the main occupation of Paleolithic people?

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