Introducing Online Flu Surveillance in New York!!!

Introducing Online Flu Surveillance in New York!!!
Introducing Online Flu Surveillance in New York!!!

The New York State Government has introduced an online system for displaying flu-like data on a daily and weekly basis and providing timely information on local, regional and statewide activities.

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The spread of corona virus infection in the world is currently plaguing everyone. The virus, which originated in China, has now spread around the world. The United States in particular has been hit hardest. The United States has the highest corona infection in the world. Thus it is there that the casualties are high.

Currently the level of corona infection is declining. However, the situation is still not stable and it is imperative to monitor the situation to prevent further damage in the future.

Online tracking!

Andrew Cuomo, the current governor of New York, said, “As we manage to start another flu season, this fall could be two parts to the epidemic as we work diligently to keep the Govt-19 virus at bay, and not just to protect yourself from the flu, but to fight the next wave of the Govt-19 virus.” I remind all New Yorkers that health resources will allow them to lead,”he said

The New York State Department of Health recommends vaccinating Lou this flu season to protect themselves and others. According to the Department of Health, this measure is being taken as the impact of the infection is increasing day by day.

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1.How many cases of flu are there in new york state?

        There are 17,000+ cases were being confirmed by the laboratory of  new  York flu vaccine available in chemist warehouse?

          Flu vaccine can available in our local,it should have to inject by qualified health professionals.