“No Two-timing and Moonlighting” IT Firms warns Employees, HR Experts!!!

“No Two-timing and Moonlighting” IT Firms warns Employees, HR Experts!!! (1)
“No Two-timing and Moonlighting” IT Firms warns Employees, HR Experts!!! (1)

“No Two-timing and Moonlighting” IT Firms warns Employees, HR Experts.Information technology giant Infosys sent an email to all of its workers on September 13 requesting them not to moonlight and threatening them with dismissal if they did. A month before, Swiggy, a food delivery service, had said that it would allow its staff to moonlight and engage in any type of alternative activity outside of their jobs, subject to certain restrictions.

A moral discussion regarding moonlighting—the practise of accepting employment chances from organisations outside of one’s own—has been sparked by the opposing positions taken by two businesses. Many people are believed to have had financial difficulties during the epidemic that led them to take on numerous jobs, causing businesses to deal with this problem.

Although an employee’s typical workday lasts between 8 and 9 hours, they feel that the employer should not have any control over what they do after work. SaiKiranKannan, a data privacy specialist by day and a freelance journalist by night, commutes between Singapore and Bengaluru.

He claims in his interview with TNM that he has worked as a freelancer for publications including India Today, The Diplomat, Zenger News, and others. “My love of telling stories has always been strong, and my employers were aware of this. I frequently share my work with them, whether it be my text, video, or debates “He claims.

In terms of time management, he believes it’s critical to comprehend that the primary employer must come first and that managing several professions must be done in an ethical manner. “There won’t be any questions if I can be productive, make my deadlines, and help my main employer.

When my secondary career creates a conflict of interest, when I use office equipment or resources to complete my secondary profession’s deliverables, or when I complete them during business hours, it becomes a problem “He clarifies. While SaiKiran claims to be pursuing his passion, some staff moonlight as software developers to hone their abilities and increase their income.

Moonlighting is currently the subject of considerable discussion due to employee resistance to being requested to work from their offices. Many attempts have been made by employers to entice workers back to the workplace, but to no avail, says Welkin.

Employees believe that certain Indian businesses, however, blatantly disregard their wellbeing and professional interests and simply view their workers as numbers who must deliver no matter what. “In the early 2000s, that might have worked, but not now! India of today enjoys multitasking and pursuing interests, “SaiKiran adds.

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