NHAI Alert! No Need To Pay Toll, If Queue Is Longer Than 100 Meters!!

No Need To Pay Toll, If Queue Is Longer Than 100 Meters
No Need To Pay Toll, If Queue Is Longer Than 100 Meters

New Guidelines For NHAI Toll Plazas: No Fee If Vehicles Queue Is More Than 100 Meters Long!

The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has said that if vehicles line more than 100 meters at toll plazas across the country, all those vehicles can pass free of charge.

NHAI has guided the toll plazas to draw a yellow line at a distance of 100 meters from the toll booth in each lane. And, if the waiting vehicles queue will exceed the 100-meter mark due to some reason, they will be permitted to cross the toll without paying till the line comes within 100 meters.

According to a report released by the National Highways Authority, fast tags are mandatory for four-wheelers in the country. Almost all vehicles are fitted with a fast tag. This has led to an increase in paperless transactions at customs. At the same time, long waits for vehicles at customs are avoided. Thus the public has benefited well.

In this context, new guidelines will soon be implemented to reduce the waiting time for vehicles at customs. Accordingly, a yellow line will be drawn at the customs to indicate the distance of 100 meters from the place of payment.

If there is a queue of vehicles crossing this line, all of those particular vehicles can leave the toll booths free of charge. These new rules are designed to prevent a vehicle from stopping at a customs checkpoint for more than 10 seconds. The report said that steps are being taken to implement these as soon as possible.

Since NHAI has successfully transitioned to 100% cashless tolling from the middle of February 2021, the overall FASTag penetration at NHAI Toll Plazas has reached 96% and stands at 99% at many toll plazas. Keeping in view the growing Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) penetration in the country, it has been emphasized to have a new design and construct the upcoming toll plazas as per traffic projections for the next 10 years to have an efficient toll collection system.

The constant growth and adoption of FASTag by the highway users is encouraging and has helped to bring more efficiency in toll operations.

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