Ministry of Law and Justice Schemes


Ministry of Law and Justice Schemes

  • Ministry of Law and Justice introduced, 3 new schemes to facilitate access justice aiming to connect those in need of legal aid with lawyers through use of technology.
  • Pro-bono legal services – It is a web based platform through which the interested lawyers can register themselves to volunteer services for litigants who are unable to afford it.
  • Supreme Court has recently released the guidelines, which says that a lawyer should have fought a certain number of cases pro bono (free of cost) in order to be designated as a senior lawyer.
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  • Tele-law service – It is aimed at facilitating delivery of legal advice through an expert panel of lawyers stationed at the State Legal Services Authorities (SLSA).
  • The project would connect lawyers with clients through video conferencing facilities at CSCs.
  • Nyaya Mitra – It is aimed at reducing pendency of cases across selected districts, with special focus on those pending for more than 10 years.
  • A retired judicial officer, or an executive officer with judicial experience, will be put in charge of assisting those suffering due to judicial delays.

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