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ADB: Asian Development Bank

AGM: Annual General Meeting

AIBP:  Accelerated  Irrigation Benefit Programme AMC: Annual Maintenance Contract

ALM: Asset Liability Management

AMEX: American Stock Exchange

AMFI: Association of Mutual Funds in India

AML: Anti-Money Laundering

ANBC: Adjusted Net Bank Credit

APACS: Association for Payment Clearing Services

APC: Average Propensity to Consume

ARIEL: Automated Real time Investment Exchange

ASEAN: Association of South East Asian Nations

ATM: Automated Teller Machine

ATIF: Agriculture Tech Infrastructure Fund

ASBA: Application Supported by Blocked Amount

ATS: Anti-Terrorism Squad

BBB: Bank Board Bureau

BC: Business Correspondent

BCBS: Basel Committee on Banking Supervision BCSBI: Banking Codes and Standards Board of India

BIFR: Board of Industrial &Financial Reconstruction

BIS: Bank for International Settlements (Switzerland)

BLR: Business and Legal Reports

BOP: Balance of Payments BP: Base Points (of an interest rate) BPLR: Benchmark Prime Lending Rate

BSE: Bombay Stock Exchange

BSBDA: Basic Saving Bank Deposit Account

BSDA: Basic Service Demat Account

CACP: Commission for Agricultural Cost and Prices

CAD: Current Account Deficit

CAFRAL: Centre for Advanced Financial Research & Learning

CAMELS: Capital Adequacy, Asset Quality, Management, Earnings, Liquidity, Sensitivity

CAPART: Council for Advancement of People’s Action & Rural Technology

CARE: Credit Analysis & Research Ltd.

CBDT: Central Board of Direct Taxes

CBI: Central Bureau of Investigation

CBS: Core Banking Solution

CBMP: Coordinated Border Management Plant

CCIL: Clearing Corporation of Indian Limited

CCEA: Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs

CD: Certificate of Deposit

CDR: Corporate Debt Restructuring

CDS: Credit Default Swap

CDSL: Central Depository Services Ltd.

CEA: Council of Economic Advisers

CEIB: Central Economic Intelligence Bureau

CEO: Chief Executive Officer

CFMS: Centralized Funds Management System

CFSA: Committee on Financial Sector Assessment CFTC: Commodity Futures Trading Commission CGF: Credit Guarantee Fund

CGFMU: Credit Guarantee Fund for Mudra Units.

CGFTMSE: Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro & Small Enterprises

CGT: Capital Gains Tax

CHIPS: Clearing House Interbank Payments System (New York)

CIBIL: Credit Information Bureau India Ltd.

CIB: Central Intelligence Bureau/Change Impact Board CIS: Commonwealth of Independent States

CLB: Company Law Board

CNG: Compressed Natural Gas

CNP: Card Not Present

COMESA: Common Market for Eastern & Southern Africa

CP: Commercial Paper

CPI: Consumer Price Index

CPI-IW: Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers

CPP: Current Purchasing Power

CRAR: Capital to Risk-Weighted Assets Ratio

CRISIL: Credit Rating & Information Service of India Ltd.

CRR: Cash Reserve Ratio

CSC: Card Security Code

CSO: Central Statistical Organization

CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility

CST: Central Sale Tax

CSIR: Council for Scientific 8t Industrial Research

CTS: Cheque Truncation System

CTS: Complaint Tracking System

CVC: Card Verification Code

CVL: CDSL Venture Ltd.

CVV: Card Verification Value

DAE: Department of Atomic Energy

DBT: Direct Benefit Transfer

DEPB: Duty Entitlement Passbook

DGFT: Directorate General of \ Foreign Trade

DICGC: Deposit Insurance & Credit Guarantee DIPP: Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion

DSIBS: Domestic Systemically Important Banks DTL: Demand & Time Liabilities

DRT: Debt Recovery Tribunal

DTAA: Double Tax Avoidance Agreement

ECB: External       Commercial Borrowings

EBRD: European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

ECGC: Export Credit Guarantee Corporation

ECS: Electronic Clearing Services

EFF: Extended Fund Facility

EFT: Electronic Funds Transfer

EFTPOS: Electronic Fund Transfer at Point of Sale

EMV: Europay, Master Card & Visa

EMI: Equated Monthly Installment

E-TAAL: Electronic – TransactionAggregation & Analysis Layer

EU: Expected Utility, European Union EXIM Bank: Export-Import Bank

FAO: Food and Agricultural Organization FATCA: Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act FATF: Financial Action Task Force

FBT: Fringe Benefit Tax

FBTR: Fast Breeder Test Reactor

FCAs: Foreign Currency Assets

FCCB: Foreign Currency Convertible Bond

FCEB: Foreign Currency Exchange Bond

FDI: Foreign Direct Investment

FERA: Foreign Exchange Regulation Act

FEMA: Foreign Exchange Management Act

FFMC: Full Fledged Money Changers

FIIs: Foreign Institutional Investors

FIU-IND: Financial Intelligence Unit-India

FINO: Financial Investment Network & Operations

FMC: Forward Market Commission

FOB: Free On Board

FRBM: Fiscal Responsibility & Budget Management

FSB: Financial Stability Board

FSDC: Financial Stability & Development Council

FSLRC: Financial Sector Legislative Reform Commission

FTSE100: Financial Times Stock Exchange 100 Share Index

FSSAI: Food Safety and Standards Authority of India

FTO: Foreign Trade Organization

FTZ: Free Trade Zone

GAGAN: GPS Aided Geo-AugmentedNavigation

GATT: General Agreement on Tariff & Trade

GDP: Gross Domestic Product G7: Group of Seven (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, UK, USA)

G8: Group of Eight (G7 + Russia)

GATS: General Agreement on Trade in Services

GDRs: Global Depository Receipts

GNP: Gross National Product

GSLV: Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle

GST: Goods & Services Tax

HR: Human Resources HRM: Human Resource Management

IATA: International Air Travel Association

IBA: Indian Bank’s Association

IBPS: Indian Bill Payment System

IBRD: International Bank for Reconstruction & Development

IDFC: Infrastructure Development Finance Company

IDR: Indian Depository Receipt

IDRBT: Institute for Development &Research in Banking Technology

IEDC: Innovation &Entrepreneurship Development Centre

IFRS: International Financial Reporting Standard

IFSC: Indian Financial System Code

IIB: International Investment Bank

IIF: Institute for International Finance

ILO: International Labour Organization

IMGC: Indian Mortgage Guarantee Corporation IMPS: Immediate Payment Service

IINSSC: Inflation Index National Saving Securities Cumulative

IMF: International Monetary Fund

IPOs: Initial Public Offerings

IP: Intellectual Property

IRNSS: Independent Regional Navigation Satellite System

IRDA: Insurance Regulatory & Development Authority

ISO: International Organization for Standardization

ISRO: International SecuritiesRegulatory Organization/ Indian Space Research Organization IT: Information Technology

JLG: Joint Liability Group

KCC: Kisan Credit Cards

KYC: Know Your Customer

LAF: Liquidity Adjustment Facility

LIBOR: London Inter Bank Offer Rate

LNG: Liquefied Natural Gas

LSE: London Stock Exchange

LTV: Loan to Value

M&A: Merger and Acquisition

MICR: Magnetic Ink Character Recognition MIGA: Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency

MITC: Most Important Terms & Condition

MMDA: Money Market Deposit Account

MMMFs: Money Market Mutual Funds

MMID: Mobile Money Identifier

MOM: Mars Orbiter Mission

MLFPS: Market Linked Focus Product System MPFI: Mobile Payment Forum of India

MRP: Marginal Revenue Product/ Maximum Retail Price

MRTP: Monopoly & Restrictive Trade Practices MSF: Marginal Standing Facility

MTSS: Money Transfer Service Scheme

MSMEs: Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises

MSEs: Micro & Small Enterprises

NABARD: National Bank for Agriculture & Rural Development

NAIS: National Animal Identification System

NASDAQ: National Association ofSecurities Dealers Automated Quotations (USA)

NAV: Net Asset Value

NBFC: Non-Banking Financial Companies

NCGTC: National Credit Guarantee Trustee Company Ltd.

NCSBS: Non-Cooperate Small Business Sector

NCLT: National Company Law Tribunal

NDMC: New Delhi Municipal Council

NDP: Net Domestic Product

NDTL: Net Demand & Time Liabilities

NEFT: National Electronic Funds Transfer NHRM: National Health Rural Mission

NIDHI: National Interest for Developing &Harressing Innovations

NIM: Net Interest Margin

NITI: National Institution for Transforming India

NIBM: National Institute of Bank Management NIOT: National Institute of Ocean Technology NMCEX: National Multi Commodity Exchange of India

NOC: No Objection Certificate

NOFHC: Non-Operation Financial Holding Company

NPA: Non-Performing Assets

NPAC: National Plan of Action for Children NPPA: National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority

NPCI: National Payments Corporation of India

NRE: Non-Resident External

NREGS: National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme

NRI: Non-Resident India

NSDL: National Security Depository Limited NSE: National Stock Exchange

NTCA: National Tiger Conservation Authority NSSF: National Small Saving Fund

OBCs: Other Backward Classes

OD: Overdraft

OECD: Organization for Economic Co-operation & Development

OMO: Open Market Operation

OPEC: Organization for Petroleum Exporting Countries

OTC: Over-The-Counter

PAN: Permanent Account Number

PD: Primary Dealers

PDMA: Public Debt Management Agency

PE: Private Equity

PETA: People of Ethical Treatment of animals

PFRDA: Pension Fund Regulatory &Development Authority

PIIGS: Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece & Spain

PIO: Person of Indian Origin

PIN: Personal Identification Number

PKI: Public Key Infrastructure

PLR: Prime Lending Rate

PMLA: Prevention of Money Laundering Act

P-Notes: Participatory Notes

Prove: Polar remotely operated vehicle

PSBs: Public Sector Banks

QIB: Qualified Institutional Buyer

REIT: Real Estate Investment Trust

REPO: Repurchase Agreement

RIDF: Rural Infrastructure Development Fund RNBC: Residuary Non-Banking Company

ROA: Return on Assets

RRBs: Regional Rural Banks

RTE: Right to Education

RTGS: Real Time Gross Settlement

RTI: Right to Information

SAARC: South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation

SARFAESI: Securitization           AndReconstruction of Financial Assets And Enforcement of Security Interest

SBAS: Satellite Based Augmentation System

SCB: Scheduled Commercial Bank

SDR: Special Drawing Rights

SEZs: Special Economic Zones

SFMS: Structured Financial Messaging System SHG: Self-Help Groups

SIDBI: Small Industries Development Bank of India

SLR: Statutory Liquidity Ratio

SMEs: Small & Medium Enterprises

SMERA: SME Rating Agency of India

SMILE: Sidbi make in India loan for enterprise

SOFIA: Stratospheric observatory infrared astronomy.

SSL: Secure Socket Layer

STRIPS: Separate trading for registered interest & principal of securities.

SWIFT: Society for worldwide interbank financial telecommunications

TFA: Trade Facilitation Agreement

TIN: Tax Information Network

TRAI: Telecom Regulatory Authorityof India

UCBs: Urban Cooperative Banks

UGC: University Grants Commission

UIDAI: Unique IdentificationDevelopment Authority of India

UNCTAD: United Nations Conference on Trade & Development

UNDP: United Nations Development Programme USB: Ultra Small Branches

USOF: Universal Service Obligation

UWIN: Unorganised Workers Identification Number

VAT: Value Added Tax

VCES: Voluntary Compliance Encouragement Scheme VOIP: Voice Over Internet Protocol

WPI: Wholesale Price Index

WTFC: World Tourism Cities Federation

WTO: World Trade Organization

Y-o-Y: Year-on-Year

ZTC: Zonal Training Centre

ZPG: Zero Population Growth

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