Law of Thermodynamics – Study Material


Law of Thermodynamics – Study Material

The four laws of Thermodynamics summarize the most important facts of thermodynamics. They define fundamental physical quantities such as temperature, energy and entropy, in order to describe thermodynamic systems. They also describe the transfer of energy as heat and work in thermodynamic processes.

Law of Thermodynamics – Study Material


  • Zeroth Law
  • First Law
  • Second Law
  • Third Law
  • Thermodynamic System
  • Boundry
  • Surroundings

Zeroth Law:

  • The Zeroth law of thermodynamics recognizes that if two systems are in thermal equilibrium with a third, they are also in thermal equilibrium with each other, thus supporting the notion of temperature and heat.

First Law:

  • The first law of thermodynamics distinguishes between two kinds of physical process, namely energy transfer as work and energy transfer as heat.

Second Law:

  • The second law of thermodynamics distinguishes between reversible and irreversible physical processes.

Third Law:

  • The third law of thermodynamics concerns the entropy of a perfect crystal at absolute zero temperature, and implies that it is impossible to cool a system to exactly absolute zero, or equivalently that perpetual motion machines of the third kind are impossible.

Thermodynamic System:

  • A thermodynamic system is a precisely defined macroscopic region of the universe, often called a physical system, that is studied using the principles of thermodynamics.

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