Lame’s Theorem in Applied Mechanics


Lame’s Theorem in Applied Mechanics

Lame’s theorem :

It states that “If three coplanar forces acting at a point be in equilibrium, then each force is proportional to the sine or the angle between the other two”

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Note :

  1. Lami’s theorem is only applied for three coplanar concurrent forces, which are in equilibrium.
  2. Also, the concurrent forces should act outwards from a point. For example, Lami’s theorem cannot be applied directly for three concurrent equilibrium forces shown in fig below. Because the force F1 is acting towards the particle. Hence, the force F1 is taken as outward force as shown in the fig. below, and Lami’s theorem is applied.

3.But the forces shown in fig.(1) can  be solved directly

By the equations of equilibrium I,

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