Hope Spencer’s Keep Your Spirits High Poem


Hope Spencer’s Keep Your Spirits High Poem

  • The present seems all dreary
  • The future very grim,
  • Your problems are perplexing,
  • Your chances rather slim,
  • You’re sick and tired of trying,
  • And your hope is fading,
  • There’s only one solution-
  • It’s “keep your spirits high”.


  • The way ahead is puzzling,
  • And clouds obstruct your view,
  • If this is how you’re feeling,
  • There’s just one thing to do;


  • Don’t prove yourself a quitter
  • Though you’ve feeling sad and bitter,
  • But grit your teeth and bear it
  • And keep your spirits high!


  • Good luck is round the corner
  • So have a smiling face:
  • For soon your fears will vanish,
  • And joy will take their place,
  • Look forward to tomorrow
  • There will be an end to sorrow,
  • Because you have the courage,
  • To keep your spirits high.

–  Hope Spencer

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