Julius Caesar Drama Character – Study Material


Julius Caesar Drama Character – Study Material

Brutus takes his place at the pulpit and Cassius goes into the crowd to separate those who wish to hear Brutus speak from those who refuse to listen. Brutus addresses the Plebeians with a convincing speech, assuring them that Caesar’s murder was necessary to preserve their freedoms.

Antony has managed to change the minds of the Plebeians, and he produces Caesar’s will, which includes a generous gift to the people of Rome. But Antony tells them he cannot read the will because it will inflame them. The crowd insists he read the will and soon they are calling the assassins murders and traitors. The people run through the streets, screaming “Revenge! About! Seek! Burn! Fire! Kill! Slay! Let not a traitor live!” (209-10). They rush to burn the homes of Brutus and his conspirators and Antony rejoices.

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