IPhone Autocorrect Option Gets Trolled!!


Many of us have believed in the autocorrect options in the mobile phone. Auto – correction, is called by the another name as  text replacement, which is created to replace the misspelled by typing the correct and appropriate word and  text simply autocorrect, is an automatic data validation option, the option   take place in word processors and text editing interfaces for smart phones and tablet computers.

Its main goal is as part of the spell checker to correct common spelling or typing errors, saving time for the user. It is also used to automatically correct text or insert special characters by recognizing appropriate character usage, saving the user from having to use more tedious options.

Auto – correction is used in text messaging or short messaging service SMS, also programs such as Microsoft office word. But against this phenomena this auto spell correct feature in the iphone gives the bug of replace all words including even the typed word is correct. It replaces the correct word with the wrong word.

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The initiative for this topic is the question raised by an user of iphone “Is it just me or has the autocorrect been getting worse on iPhones?” and the other user complained that, “Only recently (within the past 5 months) the autocorrect has been seemingly getting worse as time goes on. Am I delusional or are other people experiencing the same thing?”  This feature gets being trolled among the Reddit users.

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