International Men’s Day-2021 – The Honorable Souls!!

mens day
mens day

Great Men’s were with us and for us in many forms…

As a Father……..

          A Sovereign-who has thoughts about only mine,

                 A Pillar-to my rights and wrongs,

                       Documentation-for my credits,

                            A man of pity to my tears!!…..

As a Spouse……

                               Man- For only mine….,

                                  Companion in love,

                               Partner in quarrels,

                Sorry box for my stupid things…..!??

As a Son…..

                         Reason for my maturity…..

                                Tester in my new ideas…

                    Master to me- who is from me!!!!!!!

As a Brother…

                             My partner in crime..,

          born only to always get torture’s from me…,

                Who had accounts to work only for me….,

As a Friend…

                            Thought gender quality…,

                         With kidding and fighting!!

                    The world of women is the most

           Beautiful thing which is get prettier by men

All over the world International men’s day were celebrates every year at November 19. This is the day for our super heroes, our princess, porter, driver, body guard, kings. This day is a honor to our men’s and to recognize, celebrates the cultural, political and socioeconomic accomplishments of men.

It gives credits to men’s and boy’s achievements and their contributions to their nation, union, society and family. By celebrating this day we have to set the great and correct role-models among the world of Gens.

Not at all the inspired people from men come from sports persons and cinema actors normal man who lead his life with honest and ethics were the role models forever. On this day we have to consider the wealth of man, comfort zone, their health and things to enjoy.

Men are the one big part in the world who shares life with women. So celebrating them is most precious one. Globally this day is described as a holiday. This day is being inaugurated at 1992 February, 02. Resolution of this good day, which is taken by us is “Men and Women are same. Must have to make better relations with them.

Happy Men’s Day to all Prince!!!!!!

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