International Clouded Leopard Day 2023 Is Observing Today!!! 


International Clouded Leopard Day 2023 Is Observing TodayEvery year on August 04 International Clouded Leopard Day is observed to bring awareness to the people to increase the count of the most beautiful, endangered, and vulnerable mammals on the planet. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) red list, the clouded leopard has been placed on the Vulnerable list due to the count of the species is drastically reduced and as of now, fewer than 10,000 clouded leopards are only in this world.

Some of the details of the clouded leopards are listed below,

Parameters Details
Common Name Clouded Leopard
Binomial Name Neofelis nebulosa
Class Mammalia
Phylum Chordata
Order Carnivora

The leopard holds an important position in the global food chain and eradication of this species makes a drastic impact on the hierarchy. These animals are illegally hunted for their fur and their habitat which becomes a major threat for them. These are uniquely differentiated from the big cat’s family because of the clouds in the body which will be in different patterns for each.

August 4 was declared an International clouded leopard day by Howlett’s wild animal park and conservation charity in 2018 to raise awareness among the people and to improve the count of this mammals.

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