Infosys Headcount increased to 3, 35,186; as a result of 21,171 New Hires in First-Quarter!!

Infosys Headcount increased
Infosys Headcount increased

Infosys Headcount increased to 3, 35,186; as a result of 21,171 New Hires in First-Quarter!!Infosys Limited is an Indian multinational information technology company that provides business consulting, information technology and outsourcing services. Now, the Infosys increased to 3, 35,186 as first Quarter headcount as a result of 21,171 new hires. Check more details below.

New Hires:

Infosys, the second-largest IT services provider in India, reported hiring 21,171 individuals in the first quarter of FY23 as part of today’s Q1 results announcement. As of June 30, the corporation had 3, 35,186 employees, up from 3, 14,015 the previous quarter. For the first quarter ending June 2022, Infosys posted a consolidated net profit of 5,360 crore.

The Bengaluru-based IT firm hired the most people among its rivals, which included TCS, Wipro, and HCL Tech, in the quarter ending June 30, 2022. HCL Tech hired the fewest people in Q1FY23 (2,089 people), TCS hired 14,136 people in the same quarter, and Wipro hired 15,446 people in the April-June quarter.

Attrition Rate:

On the other hand, the attrition rate increased to 28.4% from 27.7% in the previous quarter. On an LTM basis, Infosys’ attrition increased during the first quarter of FY23. Previously, Infosys experienced attrition rates of 25.5% in Q3FY21, 20.1% in Q2FY22, and 13.9% in Q1FY22.

The large IT Company hired 85,000 freshmen in FY22, a 2.2x increase in two years, and predicted it would hire more than 50,000 in FY23. Software experts made up 3, 18,447 of the total number of employees, while sales and support personnel made up 16,739 of the total.

Women made up 39.3% of all employees, a modest decrease from the 39.6% in the fourth quarter of FY22. Nilanjan Roy, chief financial officer of Infosys, stated, “We are fostering the robust growth momentum with deliberate investments in people through recruiting and aggressive salary adjustments. While this may have an immediate negative effect on profitability, it is anticipated to lower attrition rates and put us in a good position for future growth. We keep improving different cost levers to boost operational efficiency.

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The IT sector is concerned about rising attrition rates because Infosys’ competitors have also seen an increase in attrition. Attrition rates for TCS, HCL Tech, and Wipro were respectively 19.7%, 23.3%, and 24.8%. Follow our site for daily updates regarding this.

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