Indian Freedom Struggle Study Material


Indian Freedom Struggle Study Material

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The uprising, which seriously threatened British rule in India, has been called by many names by historians, including the Sepoy Rebellion, the Great Mutiny and the Revolt of 1857; however, many prefer call it India’s first war of independence. Undoubtedly, it was the culmination of mourning Indian resentment toward, British economic and social policies over many decades. Until the rebellion the British had succeeded in suppressing numerous and ‘tribal’ wars or in accommodating them through concessions till the Great Mutiny in the summer of 1857 during the viceroyalty of Lord Canning.

Important Leaders Connected with the Revolt

The heroine of this war of independence was Rani Lakshmi Bai of Jhansi who died on 17 June 1858, while fighting the British forces. Other notable leaders were Ahmadullah of Awadh, Nana Sahob of Konpur and his loyol commander Tantia Tope, Rao Singh, Azimullah Khan, Kunwar Singh of Jagdishpur, Firuz Shah, Maulwi Ahmed Shah of Firozabad; the Begum of Awadh (Hazrat Mahal), Khan Bahadur Khan of Bareilly and Maulawi Ahmadullah of Faizabad. The nominal leader of the revolt, Bahadur Shah II, and General Bakht Khan, who led the revali of sepoys at Delhi have their own places in the history of 1857 revolt. Supporters of the English in the revolt were, the Mumbai and Chennai armies that remained loyal to them; the Rojas of Patiala, Jind, Gwalior, Hyderabad and Nepal helped them to suppress the revolt.

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