Indian Constitution Quiz


     Indian Constitution Quiz

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The Indian Constitution Adopted in _______

In which year, the Cabinet Mission arrived in India?

Indian Constitution has ________ Schedules

Which amendment is called mini constitution of india?

The Members of Parliament, Rajya Sabha are elected by whom?

In the following which is not a emergency provisions?

Who was the president in Indian Congress when Surat split in 1907?

When was the Poona Pact held?

who was the chairman of drafting committee?

Where was gandhiji gave the slogan of do or die?

President can make proclamation of National Emergency under which Article?

Who was the Adviser of Indian Constitution?

Which article is for Freedom to manage religious affairs?

In which session, Congress split into two groups?

In the following which is the correct age of retirement of Judge of Supreme Court?

How many days did it take to complete Indian Constitution?

Constitution of India's First meeting held on _________

Which Amendment introduced the Anti defection provisions in the Constitution?

The Preamble of Indian Constitution are on the basis of Which constitution?

Who has the right to transfer a Judge from one high court to Another High court?

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