Income Tax Official Raids!! The crew covered at most 24 be Continued!!

income taX
income taX

On November 16, 2021, Income tax officials carried out the raids on west Bengal where the group of people lead the business in manufacturing of cement and doing real estate.  After searching the all over places in Kolkata, Delhi, Assam, Meghalaya the crew covered at-most 24 premises.

The un-sourced money even in the digital form had been seized from that group of people by the income tax officers.  Lot of evidences against that group of people had detected in the form of documents. According to that evidences they done large number of malpractices such as suppression of production, unaccounted and under invoice of sales, inflation of cost of purchases, using bogus parties and unaccounted expenditure incurred in cash.

That black money is digitalized and documented before. A the time of searching procedure the commission amount, money from shell companies,  unsubstained shares, un explained ,unsecure loans are seized  by them. The total seized amount is 130 crores amount of black money has been seized and secured from that group of business people. Over 6 bank lockers were placed under restraint.  By the total of at last the squad from the income tax department detected 200 crores of unaccounted black money. Hereafter further procedures and formalities will be continued.

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