Important Events of September – 07


Super Human Day 

  • If you have a disabled person in your family, remember to encourage them for their amazing achievements.
  • The human body is capable of some amazing things, and the challenges that those with disabilities overcome just show it all the more.
  • A little research will reveal musicians, archers, craftsman, painters, people from every walk of life who have not let their disabilities hold them back.
  • Superhuman Day is also your reminder to set your calendar to view the Paralympics this coming year, it is a profound display of human achievement and the heights that people can reach when they don’t let their perceived setbacks hold them down.


  • Air Force Day (Pakistan)
  • Military Intelligence Day (Ukraine)
  • National Acorn Squash Day (United States)
  • National Beer Lover’s Day (United States)
  • National Salami Day (United States)
  • National Threatened Species Day (Australia)
  • Victory Day (Mozambique)


  • 1963 – Neerja Bhanot, Indian model and youngest recipient of country’s highest peacetime military award Ashok Chakra (d. 1986)

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