Important Events Of May-9


Gopala Krishna Gokhale Birth Anniversary


  • He was born on May 9, 1866.
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  • He was one of the social and political leaders during the Indian Independence Movement against the British Empire in India.
  • Gokhale was a senior leader of the Indian National Congress and founder of the Servants of India Society.
  • Gokhale became a member of the Indian National Congress in 1889.
  • In 1905, when Gokhale was elected president of the Indian National Congress and was at the height of his political power, he founded the Servants of India Society.
  • He is an moderate.Gokhale is the political guru of Mahatma Gandhi.
  • In 1899, Gokhale was elected to the Bombay Legislative Council.
  • He was elected to the Imperial Council of the Governor-General of India on 20 December 1901 and again on 22 May 1903 as non-officiating member representing Bombay Province.
  • In 1912, Gokhale visited South Africa at Gandhi’s invitation.
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  • He died on February 19, 1915.

Time of Remembrance and Reconciliation for those who last their Lives during the Second World War

  • World War II was a war in September 1939-September 1945.
  • Millions of people died during World War II.
  • This is a cruel historical event on earth.
  • There will not be a war like this again in the future and this day was Remembrance and reconciliation for the victims of the Second World War.

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