Important Events of may – 4


Important Events of may – 4

International Firefighters Day

  • International Firefighters’ Day is celebrated annually on May 4th.The day of firefighters was celebrated in Europe today.
  • It was decided to celebrate worldwide on May 4, 1999, following a worldwide email campaign to support five firefighters who lost their lives in the largest forest contamination in Australia on January 4, 1999.

Fire service

  • Their service is to the fire extinguishing the fire through natural disasters or accidents or riots.
  • To care for the other life, his life will be grateful and their work is unselfish.

Tipu Sultan Memorial Day


  • He was born on November 20, 1750.

tipu sultan


  • He was known as the Tiger of Mysore.
  • From 1782 to 1799, the Lord King of the Mysore government.
  • The Tipu Sultan’s missile technology was the forerunner of British missile technology.
  • Missiles used by Tipu Sultan have been placed at the Radclonda Museum in Woolri, near London.Former President of India Abdul Kalam took the initiative to see these.

Honours of Regime:

  • At that time, he introduced many innovations in agriculture as hybrid seeds and high crops.
  • Create and Set up a shipbuilding site.
  • The Hindu Muslims maintained their fraternity.
  • The villages and towns had equal growth.
  • He used rocket attacks in the war.

tipu sultan


  • He died on May 4, 1799.

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