Important Events Of May-25


International Disappeared Children’s Day

  • International Missing Children’s Day is celebrated on May 25 every year as the International Day of Disappeared Children . This day is observed annually for the purpose of emphasizing the need for the protection of government and families for future generations of children.
  • West Bengal is the first in the list of missing children and Tamil Nadu is known to be the next place.
  • If the child is missing or found to be alone in public places, the police should report to the police.
  • Based on such complaints the Child Helpline Trust (CHILDLINE India Foundation (CIF)) 1098  will be contacted with a toll-free telecommunication service to find and identify children.

World Thyroid Day

  • Thyroid is the endocrine gland in the lower part of the neck. Its main role is to digest thyroid hormones.
  • This hormone is transmitted through the blood and regulates the metabolism of all tissues. The thyroid helps the body and parts of the body to function properly.
  • If the problem in thyroid the whole body movement will be affected.

  • Our body’s thyroid (thyroid glands) glands are the main cause of our obesity.
By The original uploader was Arnavaz at French Wikipedia, translated by SuperManu [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Early Symptoms:

  1. Bad muscle tone (muscle relaxation),Fatigue,Cold intolerance, cooling feeling,Depression Musculoskeletal and joint pain,Wrist cave disease

  2. Pin,Melting, fusing bristles,Thinning, hair crushing,Exterior,Less sweat,Dry, itchy skin,Weight gain and water retention,Low heart rate (lower heart rate – sixty pulses per minute),Constipation

Longitudinal Symptoms:

  1. Build slow voice and throat, voice break – can hear a thin voice,Dry bloated skin, especially on the face
  2. Exposure to Eye Eyebrows (Sine of Herodi),Nonimmune gambling loops,Low body basal temperature

Less common Symptoms:

  1. Defective memory,Deceptive cognitive function (obscure brain) and inattentiveness,Low heart rate with ECG changes in low voltage signals. Low cardiac output and low compression efficiency,Hypoglycemia (or dinner),Sluggish reflexes,Hair Loss.
  2. Hemoglobin syndrome (low EPO levels), anaphylaxis and polycystic absorption or B12 deficiency from gastritis,Difficulty swallowing,Difficulty in breathing with a shallow and slow breathing system,Increased sleep time,Population and mood stability
  • This disease can be healed by completing the deficiency by treating the triodothyronine.
    Triodothyronine is available in tablet form.

Mu.C.Pooranalingam Pillai BirthDay


  • He was born on May 25,1866 in “Munichariyallam” at Tirunelveli district.


  • He was a Tamil scholar. He learned the English language, the higher and the other languages.
  • Palayangottai Hindu College, Chennai Christian College, Coimbatore St. Michael College, Madurai American College, Trichy SGG. He was an English professor at the College of Education.
  • He worked in the Chennai Christian College and conducted a monthly magazine “Gnana Bodhini”. Subsequently, he worked as a co-editor of the Justice Party’s English newspaper “Justice” and voiced social justice.
  • Poornalalingam’s books are nationalized.
  • He led the Twelfth Congress of the Tamil Provincial Tamil Sangam (1940) in Tirunelveli.


  • Purnanalingam Pillai has written 18 books in Tamil, 32 books in English and 3 books. In his works, short stories, novel, poetry, drama, child literature, research articles, translations, and discourse can be seen in many strokes.
  • He translated the Thirukkural throughout the English language and wrote the preface to the twelve pages. He also published a review book on Thirukkural.
  • In the book “Tamil India” he pointed to the myth of Tamil language and the highest scientific knowledge and culture of Tamils ​​with historical sources.
  • The book illustrates that Dravidian civilization was spread across India.
  • He wrote a book “Tamil Literature History” for the students of Postgraduate Tamil Studies.
  • In the “Ten Tamil Sages” the religious certificate from Mannavasagar to the First Patriarch has explained the history and theatrical history.
  • Ravana Biyon and Surabhudman’s History, written by him are a novel in literary criticism.


  • He died on June 6, 1947 (age 81).

Rash Behari Bose Birth Day


  • He was Born on May 25, 1886.
See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


  • He was an Indian revolutionary against the British Government.
  • Indian freedom fighter.
  • One of the organizers of the Khadi Party which started to help Indian Indians from abroad.
  • He was the founder of the Indian National Army.Azad was the forerunner of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, who organized the Hindu government.
  • Bose convened a conference in Tokyo on 28–30 March 1942, which decided to establish the Indian Independence League. At the conference he moved a motion to raise an army for Indian independence.
  • He convened the second conference of the League at Bangkok on 22 June 1942.
  • More than 150 representatives from Malaysia, Singapore, Burma, Java, Borneo, Manila, Thailand, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Manchuria and French Indochina participated. Rash Bihari Bose presided over.
  • The Indian prisoners of war captured by the Japanese in the Malaya and Burma fronts were encouraged to join the Indian Independence League and become the soldiers of the Indian National Army (INA), formed on 1 September 1942 as the military wing of Bose’s Indian National League.
  • The Indian National Army had three divisions. Gandhi and Nehru Azad were named after the army.


  • The Government of Japan highlighted the bravery of Rash Bikari Bose, who was awarded ‘ORDER OF RISING SUN’ after his death.


  • He died on January 21, 1945.

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