Important Events Of May-22


World Goth Day

  • The World Goth Day is set in 2009 on BBC Radio 6 in the UK.
  • Got Bijeken and Martin Old Got operated a concert . Every year on May 22 , they decided to hold this event.
  • Music , Bassen shows , art and exhibition are celebrated all over the world today

World Biodiversity Day

  • Other animals and plant species have the right to live as human beings have the right to live.
  • Man’s duty is to protect the Earth’s biodiversity.
  • World Biodiversity Day is celebrated on May 22 to protect lives from destruction.
  • 150 countries have signed a contract to protect living beings .

Raja Ram Mohan Roy


  • He was born on May 22, 1772.


  • Raja Ram Mohan Rai is the father of Indian Renaissance.
  • The social upheavals of caste, religious and social reforms in India acted against the abuse.
  • He was a founder of the Brahmo Samaj in 1828, which engendered the Brahmo Samaj, an influential social-religious reform movement.
  • He has greatly supported compulsory education in women.
  • Crusaded against Hindu customs as sathi, polygamy, child marriage and caste system.
  • Demanded property inheritance rights for women.
  • In 1828, he set up the Brahmo Sabha a movement of reformist Bengali Brahmins to fight against social evils.
  • Roy believed education to be an implement for social reform.
  • In 1983, a full scale Exhibition on Ram Mohan Roy was held in Bristol’s Museum and Art Gallery.
  • He struggled to eradicate the atrocity (conspiracy).Thus, Lord William Pentik, who ruled in 1833, passed a law and abolished the coup.
  • He learned English, French, Latin, Ibrah, Greek, Sanskrit and Hindi.
  • In 1815 he founded the Atmakhi Sabha in Calcutta.Medium and lower classes participated in it.
  • In 1819 he published the essence of the Vedanta sects in English and Bengali.Then he translated four Upanishads.
  • In 1820, he reviewed the teachings of Jesus and Jesus principles published a guide to peace and happiness Book.


  • He died on September 27, 1833 (61 Age).

Important events

  • In May 22, 1906, Wright brothers received a patent for their flying equipment.
  • Windows 3.0 was released on May 22, 1990.

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