Important Events Of May-16


Elia Magnikov BirthDay


  • He was Born on May 16,1845.


  • He is an Nobel laureate Russian Zoologist.
  • 17 year old Dil joined Natural Sciences at the University of Carcass. He completed 4 years in two years.
  • In the first year,he published his first scientific essay on cellar organisms.
  • Then he was involved in research on marine life.
  • Cattingson worked at Gisen University universities, Munich Academy labs.
  • He examined the nematodes and the intestinal digestion of flat worms.
  • He was interested in researching the immune system of microorganisms.
  • He studied the larva of the starfish. In the body of organisms, he found naturally immune system.
  • He made many important discoveries. He was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1908 with Paul Erlich.
  • The term “gerontology” was first used by Elia Magnikov.
  • Individual researchers and other scientists have done many studies on human gut glands and aging bacteria. Elijah Megnikov, who is regarded as the “Father of the immunity department.


  • He died on 1916 (age 71).

Sikkim’s Day with India

  • Sikkim is a small state in Tibet in the northeast corner of India.
  • After the independence of India in 1947, Sikkim became a separate monarchy.
  • Then on May 16, 1975, Sikkim became the 22nd state of India through popular referendums.
  • Here are over 200 Buddhist temples in this state. Nepali and Hindi are spoken languages ​​with linguistic language.
  • The special feature of the state is the Kanjanca Peak Peak Peak. It is the highest peak in India.

Important Events

  • Thousands People were killed in the riots in Bombay on May 16, 1932 between Hindus and Muslims.
  • On May 16, 1960, Theodor Mayoman directed the first laser photometer at the Hughes Laboratory in California.
  • On May 16, 1975, Junco Daib became the first woman to reach Mount Everest.
  • Russian microbiologist Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov was born on May 16, 1845.
  • On May 16, 1929, the first Oscar-winning ceremony was held in California, USA.

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