Important Events of June 25


V. P. Singh B’day

  • Singh was born in a Rajput zamindar family ruling the Manda estate on 25 June 1931.
  • He obtained his education from Colonel Brown Cambridge School, Dehradun and studied at Allahabad and Pune universities.
  • Singh became a Member of the Legislative Assembly of Uttar Pradesh in 1969 as a member of the Congress Party.
  • He got elected to the Lok Sabha in 1971 and was appointed a Deputy Minister of Commerce by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1974.
  • He served as the Minister of Commerce in 1976–77.
  • He was appointed by Indira Gandhi as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh in 1980, when Gandhi was re-elected after the Janata interlude.
V. P. Singh
V. P. Singh


  • National Front won the elections and he became the Prime Minister of India on December 2, 1989. After the state legislative elections in March 1990, his governing coalition achieved control of both houses of India’s parliament.


  • V. P. Singh died after a very long struggle with multiple myeloma (bone marrow cancer) and renal failure at Apollo Hospital in Delhi on 27 November 2008.
  •  He was cremated at Allahabad on the banks of the River Ganges on 29 November 2008, his son Ajeya Singh lighting the funeral pyre.

International SeaFarers Day

  • The Day of the Seafarer is being observed on 25 June every year as an expression of thanks to the seafarers for their contribution to the economy and civil society of the world.
  • The Day of the Seafarer observed on June 25 was designated by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) in 2010.

  • For the first time it was observed in 2011 and since then it is observed annually.
  • The Day of the Seafarers has also been included in the list of observances by United Nations.
  • The day encourages international public and official conversation about seafarers and seafaring, and the well-being of those involved in it.
  • The Day is part of Seafarers Awareness Week in the UK, which runs from June 23rd-30th. Each annual Day of the Seafarer has a theme, the 2017 theme was ‘Seafarers Matter’.

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