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Kamarajar Birth Day


  • He was born on June 15, 1903 in Virudhunagar.

Parents: Kumarasamy Nadar and Sivakami Ammal


  • He was a leader of the Indian National Congress (INC) and former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.
  • He was introducing free education and the free Midday Meal Scheme during his tenure as chief minister.
  • He was awarded with India’s highest civilian honour the Bharat Ratna, posthumously in 1976.
  • Kamarajar political Guru:  Sathyamurthy
  • In 1963 he suggested to Nehru that senior Congress leaders should leave ministerial posts to take up organisational work. This suggestion came to be known as the Kamaraj Plan or K-Plan.
  • He is called as South Indian Gandhi,an uneducated genius, who makes a king. He is also known as “black Gandhi”.
  • Kamaraj was jailed in June 1930 for two years for participation in the “Salt Satyagraha”. led by Rajagopalachari at Vedaranyam.
  • He was released early in 1931 in consequence of the Gandhi-Irwin Pact before he could serve his full term of imprisonment.
  • In December 1940 he was arrested again at Guntur under the Defence of India rules for speeches opposing contributions to the war fund and sent to Vellore Central Prison.
  • While in jail, he was elected as Municipal Councillor of Virudhunagar.
  • On 13 April 1954, Kamaraj became the Chief Minister of Madras Province. As Chief Minister, Kamaraj removed the family vocation based Hereditary Education Policy introduced by Rajaji.

  • Major irrigation schemes were planned in Kamaraj’s period. Dams and irrigation canals were built across higher Bhavani, Mani Muthar, Aarani, Vaigai, Amaravathi, Sathanur, Krishnagiri, Pullambadi, Parambikulam and Neyyaru among others.
  • Industries with huge investments in crores of Rupees were started in his period: Neyveli Lignite Corporation, BHEL at Trichy, Manali Oil Refinery, Hindustan raw photo film factory at Ooty, surgical instruments factory at Chennai, and a railway coach factory at Chennai were established.
  • He is widely acknowledged as “Kalvi Thanthai” (Father of Education) in Tamil Nadu.
  • The domestic terminal of the Chennai airport is named “Kamaraj Terminal”.
  • Chennai’s beach road is named “Kamarajar Salai”, Bangalore’s North Parade Road and Parliament road in New Delhi as “K. Kamaraj Road” and the Madurai Kamaraj University in his honour. In 2003 the government of India in his birthday commemorative coin was released.


  • He died on 2 October 1975.

Maraimalai Adigal Birth Day


  • He was born on July 15, 1876 at Thirukalukunram.

Birth Name: Vethasalam


  • He was a Tamil orator and writer who fervently followed Saivam. He wrote more than 100 books including works on original poems and dramas but most famous are his books on his research into Tamil literature.
  • He founded a Saivite institution called Podhunilaik Kazhagam. He was an exponent of the Pure Tamil movement and hence considered to be the father of Tamil linguistic purism.
  • He advocated the use of Tamil devoid of Sanskrit words and hence changed his birth name Vedhachalam to Maraimalai.
  • He learnt Sanskrit and English through his own effort.He later authored several articles in Tamil.
  • He later studied Saiva philosophy under Somasundara Naicker. With the help of Sundaram Pillai author of Manonmaniam and he learned Tamil poetic dramas.
  • He published a number of books in the Thirumurugan printer. He created the manimozhi book store.


  • Pattinapalaai Aaraaichi-yurai – 1906
  • Tamizhthaai – 1933
  • Sinthanaikatturaikal – 1908
  • Arivuraikkothu – 1921
  • Chiruvarkaana Senthamizh – 1934
  • Ilainarkaana Inramizh – 1957
  • Arivuraikkovai – 1971


  • He died on September  15, 1950.

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