Important Events of January – 18


Important Events of January – 18

Kumaraswamy Pulavar BirthDay


  • He was born on January 18, 1854.


  • He was a well-known Sri Lankan Tamil scholar and poet.
  • He studied Tolkappiyam. He was called ‘poet’ because he had the ability to write, write, write and speak.
  • Nalanda Pandit, a multilingual scholar and relative, studied Tamil grammar and literature and got acquainted with the North Language. He taught religious scriptures to Namasivaya Desigar.
  • In 1901, the Madurai Tamil Sangam was created. Pandidurai thever heard the talent of the poet. In October 17, 1902, he had a letter from the Diocese of Calicut.
  • The publisher, comprising several articles has sent a message to the Sangam magazine, Senthamil. Furthermore, he has also sent questions to the tests conducted by the Sangh.
  • In 1909, when the poet visited Tamilnadu, he was welcomed by the thevar and was honored with the Association poets.

Some of the poet’s poems are:

  • Vadhulai Kathiresan Sindhu (1884)
  • Maavai Irattai Manimalai (1896)
  • Mega dhutha Karikai(1896)
  • Neethineri vilakkam
  • sisupalasaritham(1921)

Some of the poetry publishing books are:

  • Nanmanikadikai (1900)
  • Aasarak kovai (1900)
  • Aathi Suudi Venpa (1901)
  • Palamolzhi Vilakkam(1903)


  • He Died on March 23, 1922.

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