Important Events Of January – 10


Carolus Linnaeus Memorial Day

  • Carolus Linnaeus was born on 23 May 1707.
  • He was a Swedish botanist, physician and zoologist who created the binomial nomenclature.
  • In this system, every kind of animal and plant is given a name consisting of two Latin words, for its genus and species.
  • He is famous for his work in Taxonomy, the science of identifying, naming and classifying organisms (plants, animals, bacteria, fungi, etc.).
  • This became used by biologists all over the world, and he is known as the “father of modern taxonomy”.
  • He was a good linguist, and famous in his time.
  • He was made a noble by the Swedish king.


  • He died on 10 January 1778.

HousePlant Appreciation Day

  • The decorations have been put away for another year. The house looks a little plain, a little drab. In the greyishness of January, your eye catches something in the corner of the room. Why, it’s a houseplant! Funny, but with all of the holiday hubabuloo, you’ve all but forgotten your houseplants.
  • Today is THE day to get back to tending to, and loving your houseplants. And, it’s also a day to appreciate just how special and important they are. They are therapeutic, lifting your mood and outlook. They add warmth and a calming effect. If you are a gardner, they give you an opportunity to play in the dirt, until spring arrives in the far, distant future.
  • Growing houseplants is pretty easy. They need a little sunlight, water, occasional nutrients, and a little love..

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