Important Events Of April – 5


Important Events Of April – 5

      Joseph Lister Birth Day – April 5 

Birth: Born on April 5-1827 in England.

Father: Joseph Jackson Lister. He is the creator of modern mold

Mother: Isabella


  •  He invented the use of antiseptic methods in surgery.
  • He was found to be able to eradicate the infections by stimulating the medical equipment used for surgery.
  • It was found that the carbonic acid called binayill was able to prevent infectious diseases in the wounds and purify the tools.


  • He worked as a personal doctor of the Victoria Royal.
  • He is  father of Antiseptic surgery.


  • Copley Medal-1902
  • Royal Medal-1880
  • Albert Medal-1894

Death :

  • He was Died on 10 February 1912. (age 84).

The National Maritime Day

  •  The National Maritime Day of India is April-5.
  • On this day in 1919 navigation history was created when SS Loyalty, the first ship of the Scindia Steam Navigation Company, journeyed to the United Kingdom.
  • The National Maritime Day was first celebrated on 5th April, 1964.
  • The strategic geographical position of the Indian sub-continent with vast expanse of the seas around naturally led to seafaring even in the days of the Indus Valley civilisation dating back to circa 3000 BC.


  •  55th Edition-Indian Shipping -An Ocean Of Opportunity.

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